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  • I know kabam is trying to mack thing more challenging but I think the are getting out of control with it they are macking is so difficult to complete monthly quest even master quest is really getting out of control
  • nuggznuggz Posts: 124
    Couldnt be more disappointed. MD will no longer be useful for defense. Sure dormamu Sig ability will still be decent but that one lonely mystic champ and frankly didnt need MD. And although its helpful on offense its also not needed. So great, yet again a hand full of ranked mystic champs that just flat out won't be problems anymore. What do I do with them now?
    Juggs and magik aren't going to give anyone problems now.....
    Oh and a handful of ranked offensive champs that were meant to play safe against those once decent defenders.
    This is completely unprofessional to leave us stuck with these choices. You know, the ones we've based the last 3 years of mastery on.....insane. Words can't describe how completely disgusted we are. By we i mean a group chat consisting of thousands of member above 6500 prestige
  • nuggznuggz Posts: 124
    Kabam know full well why we ranked our mystic champs. Voodoo is an exception. But hes neither used on defense or needed MD..... But come on. All the magiks, Juggs, mordos, we can bait specials for days now with no worries of power gain. Makes them useless now. Can't believe they new full well how this was going to turn out. I have heard one person say they are going to point any points back in MD.

    The change was OK in general but the fact that we've ranked over the course of years depending on it and not being able to correct that is far beyond abusive.
  • nuggznuggz Posts: 124
    @Kabam Miike

    You guys can't let us go out like this
  • rogueKlyntarrogueKlyntar Posts: 263
    Yay! Never been the first post on a page before!

    Never mind...
  • Fabi1989Fabi1989 Posts: 112
    Dominos block brake isnt fix...
  • CromCrom Posts: 27
    Explains some of what is going on with the game play. Most of you have good input, thanks.

    Now to find out why my game started locking up and game restarting by itself since 20 came out.
  • SuelSuel Posts: 279
  • DiegoVDiegoV Posts: 39
    3 buffs = example fury+ fury +fury

    1 activation on expire : mistic dispersion

  • SnizzbarSnizzbar Posts: 1,995 ★★★★★
    Anyone know what the new 20.0.2 update is for? Nothing in Changelog thread so far today
  • DiegoV wrote: »
    3 buffs = example fury+ fury +fury

    1 activation on expire : mistic dispersion


    Yep, this is an issue we are currently tracking in our known issues thread. We're working on getting it resolved in a coming update.
  • LegendJRGLegendJRG Posts: 39
    We have multiple people unable to join war and have heard of this happening to many others. It’s also the top post on bug report forum with no answer, hoping we can get one here?
  • gabmucs_MYgabmucs_MY Posts: 143
    Snizzbar wrote: »
    Anyone know what the new 20.0.2 update is for? Nothing in Changelog thread so far today

    Agree.. please clarify this new update @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit TQ 😅
  • winterthurwinterthur Posts: 6,904 ★★★★★
    gabmucs_MY wrote: »
    Agree.. please clarify this new update @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit TQ 😅
    Hi, just wanted to pop in and clear this up. The update we made allows us to improve our ability to track down login issues when we get reports of them. Sorry for any confusion there.
  • MrTicTac19992008MrTicTac19992008 Posts: 524 ★★
    I hope more time was spent on update 21.0 to fix the lag. 3 weeks in and nothing done. Ye were a lot faster moving when it was overheating and the profits started to fall off a cliff.
  • MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 4,264 ★★★★★
    edited September 2018
    Oh my god, the lag is insane the last few days. I've never had much problem with lag but since I auto-updated on 9/19, I've not just got lag on the fights, but on every screen - I can't even scroll down my Champions in less than a minute. And the game crashes constantly.

    Starting the game, everything is slo-mo with intermittent freeze for the first ten seconds; which is a long time against a 30k PI Emma Frost. Pausing the game and waiting twenty seconds during the running-in sequence seems to help with that; but that doesn't help the overall flow of the game. Couldn't make useful progress in Epic Uncanny Danger Rooms when my champs were dead before the controls were responsive!

    I'll post in a bugs thread as well, but thought it might be useful to post here too.

    Motorola G4Plus, Android 7.0; latest MCOC update (unfortunately).
  • Moises_HMoises_H Posts: 84
    Please remove requirement to update to 20.02. There is nothing that should be stopping people playing.
  • AdvAdv Posts: 149
    The lag is the worst post the new update. I can’t do anything. Literally anything.. this is definitely the worst update ever. I get hit by even kamala Khan because the parry doesn’t work due to the lag. I don’t need any compensation.. just get the game back to normal
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