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So apparently you can't post supports responses on the thread because it's a violation of the rules. My bad. But they decided the whole thread had to go, which really sucks. The mod hasn't responded to my questions or concerns on the deletion of the entire thread, sadly. I wont break the rules, but gonna try posting this conversation again.

SO, noticed my 500+ units gone, and I contacted support. Support person #1 says that I apparently donated 516 units and they would work with me in reversing. I confirmed that would be awesome. Support #2 wrote back with some tips on changing password and again asked me to confirm the reversal. I wrote back and said thanks for the tips and yes please reverse as I did not do this. Support person #3 (in the same ticket) wrote back with a very similar email as the first person, but this time saying they wont reverse this.

Here I am looking for help. In the last thread there were other people commenting that they know of others who had a similar issue and that they had the transaction reversed. I'm very frustrated and confused as to why they will not help me? I'm a long time member who has spent more than enough on this game, and now the first time I actually ask for support, they treat me like this? Is this really the way Kabam operates?


  • I've had an alli member accidentally donate units instead of something else. He contacted support and they reversed it completely.
    The problem is, support is only helpful from time to time and their real purpose seems to be just to frustrate you and waste time. The first response is almost always a form response that has nothing to do with your issue. If you're lucky enough to not have your ticket closed immediately, you move on to re-explaining the issue and hoping for the best. Don't give up. Keep at it.
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    I still say keep sending tickets. It's sadly about all you can do. Deleting your whole threat instaid of just your post with the support messages in it sucks.
  • I'm trying not to give up, but if I don't get this reversed, I can't see me playing the game ever again, definitely never spending again. that's like staying in an abusive relationship if you ask me.

    I created a 2nd ticket to explain how my first ticket was responded by 3 different support people, with 2 being extremely helpful using language that indicated they were going to reverse the transaction. The 3rd one randomly pops in and says they're not going to help. Looks to me that the 3rd person did not review the ticket because it's basically the same response as the first person, but with a different message attached. First ones they said they'd help. The 3rd one, they said they wont. Soooooo frustrating.

    Thanks for the info. The first thread I posted had a few responses from people who had similar issues and that was helpful I though. Doubtful they return to post that again now that it's been deleted, so I appreciate your comments.
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    I still say keep sending tickets. It's sadly about all you can do. Deleting your whole threat instaid of just your post with the support messages in it sucks.

    Yup. There were some helpful replies in there. Le Sigh.
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    I really hope they end up helping you!
  • LoL. What's sad is that I was fully prepared to come here today to gush about how awesome support was, from the first two messages I got. They were awesome and I was so very happy and pleased with how quick they responded and how understanding they were. The 3rd person randomly popping in to say screw you (basically) was such a kick to the bag. Now I'm here complaining instead of using my time to give them some praise.
  • That abusive relationship comment covers this entire game/company so well its astounding.
  • Hey Chunkyb,

    We're so sorry that you're having a less than stellar experience with this. Can you please send me a private message with the 8-Digit Customer Support Ticket number? I'll have this forwarded over and bumped up. I can't promise any result, but we'd like to take a look into this.

    Thank you, and once again, we're sorry about that!
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