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Free AQs maps and 2bg AWs in gold, anything like this out there?

Reality or an impossible request?
* Map 3/4 aqs (maybe occasional 5 & 6)
* 2 bg wars
* gold tier 1

Not looking to stop playing but want something more chilled than where I am and what I've been doing upto now.

Have 2 accounts, the older of which I created about 3 weeks after launch. The second around 6 months later.

100% act 5 on both, 1 easy path each of LOL and capable of any challenge thrown at me.

That being said after all this time I don't actually need the AQ rewards and feel I'm just wasting my chips. Instead I want to cruise and accumulate units and chips, these will help me complete Lol as well as help towards the inevitable act 6 hardships.

For the last year or more I feel like I've been throwing away battlechips weekly for nothing rewarding to me in return, save for some glory.

I would also like the option of sitting out wars sometime so I don't have to be committed into logging in around the clock.

I'm going to be away for a couple of weeks at the beginning of next month and my activity will be sporadic but daily. It's for this reason I finally decided it's time to make a change and look for something more suited to my current and long term needs.

Can be a little flexible, even prepared to help build something with other similar vets. 2 bg wars is a must though.

You can contact me through line
ID name is: icorer


  • johara84johara84 Posts: 145
    Probably an impossibility. Map 4 stll has a good cost associated with it, so I doubt anyone that runs it can do so with no donations. And I doubt an ally only running 2 bgs can score enough points to be above gold 3, and even then they'd have to in like 10 of 12. But good luck looking hope you find it.
  • Crazy_JamieCrazy_Jamie Posts: 345 ★★
    I've sent you a message on Line. We tick all of your boxes save for being Gold 1; we're Gold 3. But we can always chat further on Line if that's something that you might be flexible with.
  • Srizzo00Srizzo00 Posts: 27
    My alliance runs mostly map 2 and occasionally map 3, we do run 2 AW groups, but we’re in the silver brackets (I think silver 3). If you happen to be interested, let me know.
  • icorericorer Posts: 66
    Thanks for the responses so far.

    Gold 1 with 2bgs I've heard from different sources is possible but extremely rare. The only ones I've heard that have managed this are running regular aq map 5s so donating would be necessary, which is something i want to get away from or reduce.

    Maybe i just need to build something with like minded vets who want the challenge of war but option to dip in and out, with flexible free aqs, lol

    I'll keep hunting for now
  • BigDWSUBigDWSU Posts: 212
    TØXIN is a vet group of semi retired guys. We do map 3 in AQ. We do 1-2 BG wars based on how many guys want to play. We finished last season Silver 1 mainly because we did a bunch of 1 BG wars. Could easily finish in Gold if we started doing 2 BGs more regularly. We are looking to replace 2 guys that haven’t been active lately. Hit me up on Line if interested at BigDWSU
  • Samspade23Samspade23 Posts: 549 ★★
    We are silver 1, 7 mil alliance, run 3 bgs, do mainly map 3 and occasionally map 5. No donations. Check us out. Want details, hit up my line I'D, it's the same as my username here.
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