Buy new device? (Android Only)

I wanted to ask for advice to buy a new Android device to play our o:) beloved <3 game, but with great disappointment I read that even those who have taken the best models ( :o S8 or higher) find themselves having my same problems (and crashes). So I do not know what to do. :'(

Yes, I know that with Apple the game is better, that you do not have to wait 1 minute for each upload, which doubles the arenas in half the time, but I hate the Apple devices and will never buy it. :#


  • RCunhaRCunha Posts: 354 ★★
    Go for a midlle range and above Huawei, with at least 3 GB of RAM, super smooth gameplay, fast load times. I use a Huawei P8 and its amazing. If you check most of the posts that people have problems with their phones, rarely you see someone with a good Huawei complaining, or none.
  • Erza_ScarletErza_Scarlet Posts: 125
    Try the Razer phone. It's designed for gaming and it is amazing..
  • Nitro422Nitro422 Posts: 276
    I have a S8 plus and I haven't had any problems at all
  • The_OneThe_One Posts: 2,936 ★★★★
    I've got a pixel 2 XL and since I got a new broadband provider it plays great home.
    WiFi 4G has always been pretty good
  • I have Galaxy s8 plus and game was just crashing all the time and sometime block evade aur sp doesn't work now i changed to IPhone X and game work much good then Galaxy s8 Plus but still many times when fight starts my block doesn't work or in middle fight so thats actually from @Kabam Miike and @Ad0ra_ gift to all players
    But if you really wanna buy new phone for game then go for IPhone Android will disappoint you totally
  • Anurag1606Anurag1606 Posts: 1,133 ★★★
    One plus 5t.
  • DoctorJDoctorJ Posts: 842 ★★★
    Yeah ill be that guy.

    If youre buying a phone with mcoc in mind, just do yourself a favor and buy an iphone. Game just plays so much better on them.
  • DaMunkDaMunk Posts: 1,876 ★★★★
    So far the pixel 2 XL works really well. I usually use my iPad mini 4 but when it's not with me the phone works great.
  • sbb75sbb75 Posts: 208
    The best Android devices will not run the game as well as Apple.
    If you are going with a highend Android phone go with one of the major flagship models. The phone specs at that level are all more than adequate for playing the game.
    The biggest factor is a getting a model Kabam uses for dev/testing. Those would be least likely to have a phone specific bug and most likely to have those issues resolved.
    Samsung Galaxy, LG Gx, Pixel.... Razr or less popular carriers won't get equal attention by kabam, Even if they are the best performing phones sold.
  • Feeney234Feeney234 Posts: 701 ★★★
    S9+ and works like a champ. Highly recommend
  • Dexman1349Dexman1349 Posts: 3,060 ★★★★★
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    S9+ and still buggy as my S7.

    Graphics look good as I'm taking a combo to the face though...
  • SvainSvain Posts: 453 ★★
    I went from a s7 edge to an iPad 2017, I can still play on my s7 but when I do it’s painful. Do yourself a favor and get an Apple
  • spaceoctopusspaceoctopus Posts: 1,111 ★★★
    Pixel 2, game plays amazing and doesn't have the lag that the iphone users in my alliance are experiencing.
  • spaceoctopusspaceoctopus Posts: 1,111 ★★★
    I should add that my pixel is from google's project fi, not another provider. I mention that because it comes bloat-ware free, which I believe is a huge key to it's effective performance.
  • Maverick75Maverick75 Posts: 383 ★★
    I do like Android : much more user friendly, more options ... Incredible from Apple that sells phones more expensive. I made a long comparaison.

    I used to play MCOC on Android but the game runs better on iOS. I bought an iPhone 8 plus. BUT there are also bugs and some (little) lags. I even experienced a crash.
    A comparaison to my previous LG G4 (S808 + 3 GB RAM) :
    Game loading : about 10 seconds / about 30 seconds
    Fight loading : about 3 seconds / 8-9 seconds

    If possible, test the game on your potential future phone or look for video of MCOC on it.
  • Al_AhadHKGNAl_AhadHKGN Posts: 126
    Thanks for all your advices :)

    but .... rather than buying an iphone I stop playing :(

  • KpatrixKpatrix Posts: 1,047 ★★★
    I have an essential. It runs the game pretty good, but I mainly use my Nvidia shield K1, good luck on finding one as they have been discontinued and there aren't any stand out Android tablets anymore.
  • Em101Em101 Posts: 12
    dang..I was actually thinking of getting a the gameplay rocks on that one..if nvidia placed a sim on that..itll work...
  • hatchetkillahatchetkilla Posts: 19
    The back ground fight scenes you can't see on my Kurio android tablet but every thing else is perfect, anyone have ideas? Maybe it needs more updates since I just erased it new an rebooted it.
  • hatchetkillahatchetkilla Posts: 19
    I'm using my Samsung J7Prime everything runs perfectly, I figured a bigger screen better gameplay, not when you can't see the fight scenes but everything you can see.
  • issamaf80issamaf80 Posts: 1,470 ★★★
    Buy infinix Note 3 Pro a High Quality Device For Gaming and Normal Stuff I'm Playing Mcoc On It And The Graphics Are Fantastic No Problems No Buggs

    Easy Life Easy Game
  • IanMooneIanMoone Posts: 640 ★★
    What bout Oneplus 6 device?
  • Hector_1475Hector_1475 Posts: 1,088 ★★★★
    SONY XA1 Ultra.

    Absolutely zero problems / delays / lags. Just loving it and enjoying the game.
  • cx23433cx23433 Posts: 465 ★★
    edited October 2018
    i have the razer it works just fine
  • Archdemon_Archdemon_ Posts: 486
    Huawei P20 is an insane phone and plays this game with no issues at all performance wise, no lag in loading etc (still get the odd game software related bug though)
  • allinashesallinashes Posts: 733 ★★★
    I upgraded to an iPhone 8+ from an LG V10 which ran the game adequately but was put together with bubblegum and twine and it was night and day. Then moved up to iPhone Xs Max. There's still things that irk me daily in using the phone but it runs the game beautifully.
  • hatchetkillahatchetkilla Posts: 19
    Thanks a mill issamaf80,, where did you get it, I go thru metro do you kno if they have it?.?
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