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Which champ is good for offense at 5/50?

Ayushk12Ayushk12 Posts: 152
edited July 2017 in Strategy and Tips

Which champ is good for offense at 5/50? 60 votes

4* duped guillotine
56% 34 votes
4* duped loki
1% 1 vote
4* unduped ghost rider
41% 25 votes


  • SpeedbumpSpeedbump Posts: 1,449 ★★★
    All of them? Just saying, you might wanna give more info so ppl can be more inapt to vote/give info
  • Ayushk12Ayushk12 Posts: 152
    I can bring one of these to r5. And for offense I mean in aq and aw.
  • VortenusVortenus Posts: 26
    edited July 2017
    Out of those I'd go with GR. Bleed immune, amazing heal, great line clearer for aq.
    Guily is good but her usefulness is limited. I can't see situation where she needs to be R5.
    Loki isn't even worth mentioning.
  • Il_JooOIl_JooO Posts: 444 ★★
    Ghost Rider
  • AEG93AEG93 Posts: 69
    edited July 2017
    Imo guillotine would be the best choice. If GR was duped I'd have my doubts though.
    I have guily 5/50 and use her a lot, for AW attack and solo questing. Really good damage, great bleed, heal reversal in Sp2 and a good (not great) regen. She isn't the best mystic for AQ, but for AW and questing she is one of the best.
  • FuzzylumpsFuzzylumps Posts: 116
    edited July 2017
    GR - He gots them heals !!!!
  • Ayushk12Ayushk12 Posts: 152
    Thanks for the help guys!
  • AgentOfSHIELDAgentOfSHIELD Posts: 50
    I personally rank 5ed guillotine over unduped Ghost Rider, and I'm happy with the decision so far. I keep getting killed trying to use GR's heavy attack. It might be because I'm not skilled enough but ranking up ghost rider won't fix that.
  • NikskiniNikskini Posts: 237
    Loki is best on offence get him to R5
  • RotmgmoddyRotmgmoddy Posts: 916 ★★★
    I don't have any of these at R5, but Guillotine is at R4 (while GR I don't have, and Loki is only a R2). So I went with Guillotine. She's pretty neat, heal reversal and her special 3 along with the fact she is a mystic allows her to deal quick damage even if she is near death. Survival wise, she is great since she is duped. Can be your saving grace if she heals from dealing a crit hit, especially if it's from a special attack.
  • JOHNOSA1995JOHNOSA1995 Posts: 536 ★★
    Ghost rider
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