5 star generic gem - who to use it on?

Some of these are already rank 4/55, others I just pulled recently. I have 2 tech gems so if anyone says 'save for sparky' don't worry I've got him covered already when I get him. Anyone not at 4/55 who I awaken I'll take to 4/55 and then 5/65.

5 star generic gem - who to use it on? 48 votes

Hulk Ragnarok
Kahrahtay 1 vote
Jh_DezSpeedbumpMinkl3SungjKennadogohard123Nemesis666AanthoDankestChefAustin555555Ingi_Freyr1975JC_RafikiiNamelezAce3killerJayCeeFhfjghhggggjfhfjgWelderofortuneFleaRatKing12MaRvEl_MoNsTeR 24 votes
belli300adqqedfyvrnameplasDmack976637Jdub1250OnmixDuke_Silverdfmoore26AngelicsignCeceSchmidtJustcause102YubelSaket_123RockypantherxSidDDragonIron_spider1Rehan010_Akkarin23InfineightCosmicspiderman777 20 votes
Proxima Midnight
issamaf80 1 vote
OneManArmy001_kunal21 2 votes


  • Kamr05Kamr05 Posts: 176
    Thanks for the input. I won’t awaken any as of yet because there seems to be a tie. Domino and Medusa are both my recent pulls from completing 5.4 so I’m not familiar with them but I know they are god tier.
  • RafikiiRafikii Posts: 238
    i broke that tie
  • MrBanksMrBanks Posts: 769 ★★★
    Medusa and Domino could both use it, but I guarantee you will benefit more if you awaken domino first.
  • KahrahtayKahrahtay Posts: 107
    Hulk Ragnarok
    No love for ghulk. He can be very fun to play and smash 😬
  • OneManArmyOneManArmy Posts: 1,982 ★★★★
  • Domino
    Domino all the way. Medusa is good but Domino is just insane. Her with Rulk/Masacre synergy is awesome. Parry and heavy is all you need, if you can do that, game over. LOL option, and she will only be better this season too, can’t beat that!
  • Kamr05Kamr05 Posts: 176
    From the experience I’ve had with Hulk Rags he’s incredible even without the dupe. I think a little regen or attack booster won’t do much for me. He’s my no.1 champ for most situations that’s for sure.
  • Kamr05Kamr05 Posts: 176
    Cheers @MaRvEl_MoNsTeR. I think I’ll be going with Domino. I expected a little more light of Proxima, but after observing how long it takes her to build the attack, I’d rather have the damage there with Domino. I haven’t done LOL yet so I need a solid damage dealer.
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