Stop over exaggerating the calender please

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Look I am not saying I want more or less or anything it just ends up being overhyped "an astounding November calender awaits".
Tier 4 basic- eh
Tier 4 class cat- always good
3 star domino- So exciting
Last 2 days 250 5 star shards-...
You act as a though people are getting a chance at a 5 star.

Also not complaining about free stuff just the way it is promoted. It is very easy to notice.


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    I thought it was really astounding until I have read this comment: Stop over exaggerating
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    They didn't over exaggerate anything. They didn't even include the possibility of pulling a 4* Domino, lol.
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    What would you prefer? "This month, our Calendar has a chance for some pretty meh Rewards!".....
    It's really all just dependent on where people are at. The Calendar is just a bonus. It's not really supposed to be more lucrative than actually playing the game. People not as further along find it much more valuable. I remember when T4CCs were like gold.
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    Marketing 101. You always talk up your product.

    Thanks to you i have read a very long informative Wikipedia page about marketing
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    Very insightful posts.
  • I'm glad we have calendar rewards.
    All free items are helpful somewhere, some are much more valuable to certain players.

    The hyping of the calendar should really stop unless it's actually deserving of the hype. But so should general complaints about the calendars. Use of the word "astounding" is silly. We live in a world of hyperbole. I don't need more of it from a game I play, especially when I can easily compare what's being hyped to previous months' calendars.

    Overall, it's a ridiculous argument to get wound up in... But I do wish the company would have more awareness with these types of things and just be blunt about them. I get selling a product/feature, but have some sense about it.
  • One thing to remember is that these items may have different value to players at different points in the game and while they may not seem amazing to some, they may be very welcome additions to others. Regardless, we appreciate your feedback on this and will be sharing it with the rest of the team.
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