Aegon - A Grammatical Conundrum

First, well done on your newest champion, Kabam. He seems to be your best original to date.

However, I do have a bone to pick with you guys when it comes to his name and the use of the letter ash. Putting this archaic letter in his name makes no sense for several different reasons:

1) It is an Old English letter that fell from grace centuries ago. It is not part of the modern English alphabet.

2) That being said, Aegon should not have this letter in his name as he's from a different planet where English isn't a thing.

3) Even if his given name is being translated into English, it would not have an ash because, as aforementioned, the modern translation would not contain an archaic Old English letter.

4) The worst grammatical offense is your pronunciation of Aegon. Since you used the short version of the letter, his name should not contain a long "a" sound. His name should be pronounced "ah-gohn". The short version of ash makes the "a" sound in the word "ash" or "cat".

Your could have accomplished your goal by just spelling his name A-E-G-O-N.

'Tis a sad day for grammar.


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