Banning of accs.

Got a qn. What if i got 2accs and playing em on the same device? Will i get banned?


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    Got a qn. What if i got 2accs and playing em on the same device? Will i get banned?

    Nope. Kabam said multiple accounts are okay as long as they are your accounts and only you play then.
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    Lots of info to read through there, but the moderators did address that and other issues.
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    Actually the highlighted lines said all about using cheat apps by yourself or sharing with someone who uses cheat apps. First kabam will not ban multiple accounts played in one device, cause more account more business. And actually account sharing isnt a big matter as a lot of people say. Cause actually what is account sharing? I cant, so pls do it for me. It can be done without logging in different device for different people. What if i just visit my friend and ask him to do this? Isnt it also account sharing? And same account different device also cant be banned, suppose i have two devices. If one is not charged i will go in another. Or maybe my phn is occupied, so i just use my friends phone to play.
    The ban is for using cheat app by yourself and by sharing someone else who uses cheat for you. Pls guys, keep it that much simple, dont make it big, dont fear, dont ask too many things. Cause last few months kabam is taking some peculiar decisions, made some wired change. Cant say if they turn this topic also in something like those if too many talk goes around.
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    Account sharing is when you access a game account that is not yours, or give access to your account to someone else. The device you play on does not matter.
  • Playing on multiple devices or having more then one account is fine, sharing your account with others is not.
  • Take a look at the message Kabam Miike posted here.

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