Synergy Vs. Ability {End Game lvl}

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Most champs I enjoy playing with are amazing w/onsynergy. However, synergies have and will continue to grow- unique to champ and/or class benefits. Both can really amp up a good team.

With that in mind, would it be better to rank any given 4* that greatly enhances a 5* abilities, over that of a truly epic 4* God?
Example: 5* r4 Sparky top champ. Would it be best to rank 4* Blade and 4* GR for “unholy trinity”?
Or would ranking up sig 99 SW make more sense?

Synergy Vs. Ability {End Game lvl} 10 votes

SW Sig 99 r5 4*
CLMPitombeiraParalyzerFooshblalalaThanos_Car 4 votes
GR Sig 99 r5 4*
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5* unawakened Demi god
JonibärchenMitchell35 2 votes
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    Blade, Spark, GR is the holy trinity.

    Sabretooth, Void and KM is the unholy trinity.
  • 5* unawakened Demi god
    Are you really end game tho?
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    I didn't know that the "the son, the father and the holy spirit" was it the game.
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    Mitchell35 wrote: »
    Are you really end game tho?

    Agreed. "End-game" players wouldn't normally discuss ranking up 4*s. Having said that, my 4* Blade and GR are staples in my Map 5 questing team (when not doing Map 6) and I have no regrets ranking them up. Even though I have both of them as 5*s (Blade being maxed).
    My 4* SW also gets some use from time to time, so no bad options really in terms of 4*s.
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    Honestly I'd say it would have to be taken on a case by case basis. You're rocking a 5/65 or 6* ST and only have KM as a 4* id say he's well worth ranking for their synergy. Same goes for Omega to enhance ST.

    I'm not endgame in the general use of the term, high tier war multiple 5/65 etc, although I am at the point where ranking 4* for progression is all but over. I have 15 maxed 4* three 4/55 and a 6* but I'll keep maxing 4* I enjoy for fun and to complete teams I enjoy using. I'll be maxing Void next to run with my ST/KM/Omega team and plan to mac Champ and Aegon assuming I get them from their arenas.
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    Mitchell35 wrote: »
    Are you really end game tho?

    I am sentient. My end game thoughts and memories are unique only to me. We all have our own end game.
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