blood and venom Legends run



  • Wow.. down to the seconds bro..
  • Gonna give it one last try this round..
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    So can a mod tell us, when the results will be posted?

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    @Kabam Miike is there an ETA on legend run results. Seems a bit delayed.
  • I'm ready for the results also... Ready to be disappointed.
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    If you get it, you'll be the first to know with the in-game mail.

    Just be patient. Rushing them will not get things done any quicker.
  • Not rushing but it is good to get a future ETA as all of us really put great effort into the game.
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    edited November 2018
    Furthermore, this is like the latest thus far..😃
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    Haha as if we could make them feel @Simply_Nobody28 said nothing was said that would be interpreted as rushing and they are outside the usual norm, just asking...
  • I’m also anxious to find out. Hopefully I succeed for the title grab.
  • I think I’m sort of going to be disappointed but still anxious to know.. lol.. a bit out of the norm this round..
  • Come on.. when?
  • Kerem wrote: »
    Night_Owl wrote: »
    Werewrym wrote: »
    Night_Owl wrote: »
    3 accounts:
    5/65 CG for 3:02 and 3:09.
    4/55 CG for 3:08.

    Couple questions... How do you have three accounts each with a 5* Corvus? How did it not take longer with the 4/55? You practically ran it in the same time as your 5/65... Lastly did you really need to take three of the top spots for this months legends title? I'm not saying you did anything wrong, but it would really suck to be that 101 spot because someone had to get legends title on a 3 different accounts. Anyways, nice job on the runs.

    Sorry for the confusion. My English is not well. I didn't express properly for enough information. 3:09 is my friends' running result. But I do have two accounts. I an end-game player in plat 1 alliance. Using CW running legend only cost a few hundred units for energy refills. I didn't use any boost on 5/65 account. That's part of my monthly cake. :smile:

    It’s not your English. You just don’t know what you’re saying.
    There is no way you can do it in that time without boosts. And I’m so clear with that.

    Are you a CW player? If yes, you should believe it after you try to do it without boost.
  • Itll be here when it’s released. On the last page at the bottom.
  • @Night_Owl Forgive my ignorance.. who is CW?
  • GeekArts wrote: »
    @Night_Owl Forgive my ignorance.. who is CW?

    lol. CW should be CG. Wrong typing
  • Night_Owl wrote: »
    GeekArts wrote: »
    @Night_Owl Forgive my ignorance.. who is CW?

    lol. CW should be CG. Wrong typing

    lol I was going to say... Ain't no Civil Warrior player going to get that legend badge.
  • More explain: Don’t think boost is a prior for legend badge when using CG. There are in total 50% more attack ratings in boost, but 60% with full suicides. CG can deal 95% opponents within 5-10 hit in master mode without or with boost. So it doesn’t make much difference. My estimation is about 5min in total during a legend run.

    But more importantly, your device and connection should be the top. This is the prior condition.
  • Just received Legend badge email
  • Yo!! Just got it too.

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    GeekArts wrote: »
    Yo!! Just got it too.


    Nice! What was your time?
  • I got it also with 3:17
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    Kerem wrote: »

    That was it


    Just got it
  • I did with 1* and I got it my legend tag awesome very happy
  • 29th place with a time of about 3:10.
  • 29th place with a time of about 3:10. If that helps anyone.
  • 48th with 3:16
  • missed with 3:29
  • @Night_Owl

    “But more importantly, your device and connection should be the top. This is the prior condition”

    What is the ideal device? And during Legend Run, can advisable to play on WiFi or 4G mobile data?

    Pls share your view pls?
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