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Uncollected Premium Hero Crystal

With the emergence of harder content and more and more 6* heroes can you bring an uncollected version of the PHC which guarantees at least a 3 or 4 star? You have uncollected versions of almost ever crystal why not this? 2* and 3* heroes are irrelevant and 4* are getting there with exception of a few worthy champs. How do you expect people to advance when all they get are champs that serve no purpose?!?!


  • ArcDeAngelusArcDeAngelus Posts: 209
    Isn't this just asking for grand master crystals? Guaranteed 3*, with a chance for a 4 or 5 at 200 units. Just beat Collector and it's on the table.
  • Did you miss something??z3lfl2cymld1.jpg
  • ^quite literally an uncollected version of PHC^
  • GMC is what you're talking about.
  • TBAG4DAYS wrote: »
    @ArcDeAngelus @Username719233982 ... No I did not miss the grandmaster crystal... obviously you missed the point of my question. Yes what I’m asking is like a GMC but I’m asking for one that I don’t have to wait 2 weeks for collecting daily calendar shards, but one that you can earn shards from daily missions like PHC and 3-5* crystals. Something that you can actually earn playing and not just have to wait and log in daily.

    You can buy them for 200 units.
  • DeebagzDeebagz Posts: 4
    Maybe you can say you'd like gmc shards in arena for uncollected. Like us spending 10k battle chips for 1 arena crystal.
  • ArcDeAngelusArcDeAngelus Posts: 209
    You can earn them playing, they're purchasable through units which are earned in game. And you really should have noticed that your question was about crystals, not shards.
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