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Should We Stop Recruiting on Global?

Should We Stop Recruiting on Global? 14 votes

MaddMatt05SpeedbumpSuicide10101 3 votes
beaupoemSiriusBreakhavoc78600mcocdeejayheroFails69foogy 6 votes
I don't care
Jcray705lennie76 2 votes
I don't know
Shut up
phillgreenIsman1998 2 votes
What are you talking about?
RexDeus 1 vote


  • No
    Fact is, to get the most broad audience, you must not limit your promotional locations. So no, not gonna stop recruiting anywhere. Others will do as they choose and will. To each their own. Now not to put too fine a point on this but, the trolling, and repetitive nonsense on Global is FAR more annoying than any repeating recruit message I've ever seen. The ego clashing, metaphorical sword fighting, and keyboard warriors are far more toxic in Global chat than the recruiters. Let's also not forget those that try to use Global chat like it's Tinder. So, perhaps the day ALL that stops will be the day I stop recruiting in Global. Seeing as how that will never be, don't hold your breath on anyone following this.
  • Fails69Fails69 Posts: 14
    It's hard to find someone decent on global. It takes a lot of posting between the ones "looking for a girl to talk too". But I have pulled some really good members from global chat recruiting.
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