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    It takes time guys. Not all issues can be fixed that quickly. Some can be pushed from the back end. In this case, it requires a Hotfix. It takes time to identify the issue, come up with a solution, test it and retest it, and then organize a Hotfix to be released by the platforms. They're doing what they can.
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 30,843 ★★★★★
    Trust me, I get it. I was as frustrated as you were. They're working on something, so we just need to wait.
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    I am also getting crazy amounts of lag when fighting darkhawk.

    Also, when I use nebula with proxima synergy, darkhawk abilities still work. In particular, his "miss" while in stealth mode. With 10 shock charges, it is 200% reduction to his ability. Which should stop it completely. Yet he still causes nebula to miss. I understand from the description of the abilities that the changing into his states cannot be affected by ability reduction. But it doesn't say anywhere that he is immune to ability reduction for his other abilities whilst in those Modes. For nebula, this is a key ability for her vs robots. So it should work vs every robot. Please can you look into this and fix it.
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    use stark spidey built poise and kick this guy right in his face
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    Another great example of kabam taking their time with bugs in game that cost players to get past, 3 days ago we got told a hotfix was coming and still nothing funny how it’s taking longer to release hotfix than what it took kabam to identify and hotfix hela immortality bug with heimdall. Seriously kabam we are a loyal player base and deserve to be treated better than this WE have kept your game going for 4 years without us this game wouldn’t be around still so show a little appreciation and fix at least some of the bugs which make things impossible for us at the same speed as you fix the ones that benefit us it’s a pattern we’ve all noticed now and eventually will end up thinking F this game and spend our money elsewhere which believe us we don’t want to do we all want this game to succeed

  • Master level final boss is so hard even can’t touch too hard to play
  • Master lfinal is boss is so hard even can’t touch him I want to break my mobile that much of angry is coming
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    Well I just got screwed by this issue in master. Legit went in with my 6 Star Yondu and couldn't move because it lagged at the beginning of the fight smh. So I get bodied for free. Not gonna do master and uncollected this month if that's gonna happen everytime I fight Darkhawk.
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    Isman1998 wrote: »
    Well I just got screwed by this issue in master. Legit went in with my 6 Star Yondu and couldn't move because it lagged at the beginning of the fight smh. So I get bodied for free. Not gonna do master and uncollected this month if that's gonna happen everytime I fight Darkhawk.

    I feel your pain... im getting the same in master & uncollected and im literally 1300 shards away from my 4th 6*...piss me off!

    Kabam a update on this "hot fix" would be nice and yes I know it's the weekend lol
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    In-Game Name: -Supaflyazn-
    Device and Model: iPhone 6
    Device Operating System: IOS 12.1.1
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version Installed: 21.1
    Description: I am having a different issue, when fighting against Darkhawk in UC, the game crashes immediately upon trying to load.
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    edited December 2018
    400 units wasted on UC just on one path and still ended up quitting. Between Thorns and Darkhawk not working right, I'm seriously done with this game.
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    Hey @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Lyra , I think that "Hot fix" is getting cold...

    So many people are waiting for this, and it looks like by the time this goes live, we will also lose the 20% bonus we could have had if this would have been released earlier.

    How about as a token of appreciation (and a good way for Kabam to say they are sorry for causing this), you extend the 20% another week or even until the end of the month?
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    I already gave up on this month quest, after almost a year of a new bug every month, it's getting easier to give up this game after 3 years of playing. I have no confidence in Kabam to ever really fix this game. Maybe it's time to move on to another game that has better developers. I noticed the star rating for this game is going down on the play store.
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    When will you kabam guys fix the issue with DH it’s really a pain in ass game getting laggy everytime entering a fight with him & then game crashing thats really annoying please do something ASAP we are very angry with this frequent bugs we are encountering with every EQ
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    Galaxy S8 and S8+.... no issues on my end. Game working fine against Darkhawk.
  • Darkhawk(nighthawk) is amazing lag on master dificulty , i arrived to boss all my champions to 95%life minimum, start the fight, impossible to go back to dont be toutch at the begining of the fight, result : instant death or survive with 5 or 10% life , then he turn invisible and you must be lucky because if one or your hit fail on him he finish you.... i used all my heal and revive on only 1 run ... the lag is amazing , i hope kabam will chage this unbloquable effect who is really bad , and im still uncolectable... wht to do ? Use the credit card to buy a ton of unities and buy a ton of heal and revives ??? Buy a new phone the last out? No i will stop this quest!! Because it **** a lot .every month this game is more bad. Sorry for my english im french but i want to complain about this bad thing !!!
  • AnaxagorAnaxagor Posts: 54
    Samsung J1 (2016)
    Android 5.1
    Both Cellular and WiFi
    Version 21.1
    After the word FIGHT! with Darkhawk in any difficulty the screen freezes for a long time and then all the fights go to hell.
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    As someone previously stated, if you pause the game in the run up screen right before the fight, it will help with the initial lag.

    Unfortunately, whenever he has any mode on and dashes towards you the lag returns. This matched with the fact he has one of those overreaching mediums like KM has, you just can't get away from him.

    I'm pretty sure it has everything to do with the sheer amount of animation that the character has. He glows, he pulsates, he changes colors, he shimmies when he moves, he shakes when he blocks.....

    Gone are the days of normal and animations.
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    I haven't experienced the lag issue, but damn this champ is ridiculous. Every time, right as I'm about to hit the final second before quakes aftershock timer runs out, he miraculously manages to hit me somehow and kill me a split sevond before aftershock hits. Once in awhile I get through to do some damage. But ever since I got down to about 10%, he always managea to hit me no matter what. This is absolutely ridiculous. I never have this kind of issue with any fights in this game, save for the first time beating the collector. That was a drag. But there is no way in hell this no name nobody should be racking up as many units from me as he has. On a stupid event quest no less. I usually just sail through these things for the rewards on master and if its a real pain in the ass I'll only 100% the first 2 Acts and beat the last 2 bosses only once. With this quest I can't even do that, and quake is one of my better champs who I mastered a long time ago. Yet somehow this guy manages to win last second every time. I can't even imagine what some of you are going through on uncollected.
  • RichiesDad79RichiesDad79 Posts: 976 ★★★
    This is beyond ridiculous. Every update brings something new that screws up the way we've developed our gameplay, in a way that requires us to spend money of kiss our progress goodbye. I love this game so much. It's just sad that every month it becomes more obvious that we are being drained more and more for less return. I love this game as I said and I enjoy making multiple purchases per week. One could call me whale lite and not be inaccurate. I really hate feeling more and more like a sucker every month for what I spend on this game despite the downward spiral of quality. C'mon Kabam. I love to defend you guys in most cases. But it is getting harder to do so every time a Darkhawk comes out. In this month, the master boss is U.C difficulty and the U.C boss........ I shudder at the thought of how frustratingly impossible that must be.
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    i don't know why kabam you are doing this again and again first over heating issue then several lags and now dark Hawk Bug. i have rank 5 five star medusa i as i enter into the fight with full health with in a second he smashed me i tried to block but , dash back but nothing happen is like game is in auto play mode and im doing nothing first i thought it was my mistake but even after wasting 10 team revives and lots of energy and boosts it happened to me again and again come on kabam its a 4 year anniversary and you spoiled it. This time including me many people are depressed
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    He's unblockable for null mode at first. So don't block. If unresponsive champ is ur problem. Try pausing game for 5 to 10 sec at start of fight when champs running to each other.
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    Why did you spend ten team revives?
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