Killmonger maze bug

I don’t know if it is a bug or a problem with the translation to French, but the Maze Killmonger gains power when he purifies a debuff not health as stated in the node description. And this is extremely annoying since you cannot take advantage of a debuff placed on him by chaos, if you parry twice he has enough power to launch a special and get rid of it.

Is this a working as intended an the description is wrong or is this another bug?

vie= health ;)



  • PlagueisBanePlagueisBane Posts: 224
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    i think its one of his abilities, he does gain power when you debuff him and so try not to parry him and intercept his medium hits and/or bait his specials and heavy hits.

  • PlagueisBanePlagueisBane Posts: 224
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    i believe only when it is active, here is what you can do, get his armor shattered asap. now this is easier said than done on the maze KM. build up your L1 and then medium hit, medium hit, L1. and repeat this every time his armor recovers.
  • This isn't a bug ... But I think he is bug in other way, since he is able to trigger revernation when armor break is active
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