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So I have done several post here trying to determine why I received a 7 day banned. At first I thought it was from have multiple device but Kabam insists that’s not the reason. So I starting thinking what was the last thing I did and that was complete section 2.3 100 percent. I said why not. I have been working at it slowly and gifting event would give me the perfect opportunity to get through some of it.

So I started doing some research and asked a couple of friends and found some that had the same issue I did. Now I know some might say that I used a 3rs party software or mod but trust me I went through a ton of revives.

So I stumbled upon this and got me to wright up this post.


So if Kabam system is flawed I need my case review and overturn as there is proof that Kabam makes mistakes. I hope a Mod will now assist me in getting me in banned.


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    They already told you once that the forum is the wrong place for talking about your ban.

    Your only bet is to file ticket like they told you.

    And, from your description, I can understand why the system flagged your account for piloting.

    Playing on multiple devices is allowed, but when you have the game open on two devices at the same time, the system notice it and flags the account.
  • The same thing happened to me! I had to open a case through the BBB for Kabam to tell me that I was allegedly using 3rd party software for variant (I wasn't). How did you get the above message?? I missed out on aw season rewards because of this nonsense one week ban.
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    Probably fake email
  • Its a real email. OP says he 'stumbled' upon this from someone else. and as far as I know, the person who it was sent to was a fairly popular person. The email itself was real, but I was under the impression this happened in the first few weeks of variant and has since been fixed.
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    I just opened a case with the BBB. There might be a bug in there system and kabam just doesn't want to take the time to check it. Innocent people might be getting banned for no reason whatsoever with no way to fight it. All I wanted was for an Investigation to be looked into this matter and all I get are generic responses.
  • I have submitted a BBB case as well- after connecting with other players who have had the same issue definitely seems like this is part of a bigger issue and that kabam is (hopefully without realizing) punishing the players instead of investigating the issue.
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