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Hi guys,

I need some advice.

Let’s start from the point I have a lot of 4* champs but no good 5* so for time being I need to focus on 4*.

I’m currently using:

1. Archangel 4* maxed, awakened
2. Modok, 4* maxed, awakened
3. DR Voodoo, 4* maxed, awakened
4. Iron Man IW, 4* maxed, awakened
5. Spider man symbiote, unawakened 5*

There’s no synergy here but quite good team so far.

My question is, till I get god tier 5*, where to use awakening gem and who to swap from that team? All 4* maxed out.

The main purpose is to get Act 5 done with Uncollected + monthly quests..

Can you please help?

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Spider-Man Stark
SIlverProfessorKobster84ace930999FhfjghhggggjfhfjgThatOneMasterGamerMrBanksIron_web93 7 votes
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  • ShrimkinsShrimkins Posts: 1,479 ★★★★
    Blade is probably the easiest to use and provides a decent amount of utility.

    2nd place goes to ghost. She can do everything and then some but requires a different play style.
  • solmyrairsolmyrair Posts: 388
    Who should I replace with Blade? As well as should I invest more in Spider symbiote or wait for something else 5*?
  • Thanos_CarThanos_Car Posts: 298
    solmyrair wrote: »
    Who should I replace with Blade? As well as should I invest more in Spider symbiote or wait for something else 5*?

    I would say dont invests into sym spidey. Replace him with blade, or whoever you end up chosing.
  • Ghost
    Who are your 5 stars? Just curious
  • solmyrairsolmyrair Posts: 388
  • solmyrairsolmyrair Posts: 388
    Big dilemma.. Blade or Spidey.. for blade I have signature stones, for Spidey not.. so let it be blade. Thanks
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