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Anyone having issues with dungeons? I entered one and couldn’t move. Backed out and then it wouldn’t let me back in. Now I’ve lost my champs (regen time) and lost the dungeon. I submitted a support ticket but was wondering if anyone else experienced this?
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    Can we get any updates on known dungeon bugs?

    My partner just got kicked out of another dungeon and we had to exit out on room 3 of Dungeon 7. Thi season happens every 5 dungeons or so.

    Considering you have a big dungeon event coming up that has big unit costs attached, I think it’s fair we get some sort of update on these bugs. We should definitely not be punished if the bugs happen on the special event, which I’m pretty sure will happen.

    I doubt many people would be happy losing rank 5s and then having the week long cool down you guys ridiculously set up. Or even worse paying hundreds of units and having your grind ruined.
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    Just got kicked out of room 4 d7 along with my partner.
  • My chat has been constantly either not allowing me to post to chat or I’ve been getting kicked out and can’t get back in. Twice the latter has happened. WTH guys. Come on
  • The chat in dungeons
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    I tried to play dungeons today and picked Domino, Red Hulk and Massacre , clicked Find Partner and it was searching , after 3 min I disabled the search and tried again but this time when it seached it didnt let me cancel, so I exited the dungeon
    When I came back in, without even being matched, my champions were in cooldown for no reason

    Please fix
  • RaveNNRaveNN Posts: 162
    Also, I received a message with the title Dungeon Concluded, but the message is empty, completely empty
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    The same thing happened to be except I tried twice in a row and lost 6 of my top class advantage champs to cool down without entering the dungeon
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    I lost 4 teams so far and have Zero point.
    Every time i join a party i just kicked out and lost my champ.
    Sometimes if i could start dungeon that happend to my partner in dungeon he just kick out !
  • Midoo2002Midoo2002 Posts: 10
    Same here
    Lost 4 team so far and have zero point !
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    I was doing dungeons I enter one with some random guy then he leaves before we start and I can’t do it by myself so I end up leaving and losing my top 3 champions. Now my dungeons ismessed up because some guy just left I think we shouldn’t lose our champs like that sort it out
  • Got invited to play dungeon with an alliance teammate and I don't know why or how but I got stuck in the dungeon menu while my teammate continued to the actual dungeon.u4f6ei1h6phc.jpg
    In my picture all I could see was the menu but he was in the dungeon.
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    Can kabam or someone in the know tell me.
    When will dungeons work?
    Keeps freezing, can’t see chat, getting kicked out regularly and everytime we have to wait for champs to be refreshed or pay to refresh them. Is it really a bug or a way for kabam to make money out of us?
  • I'm experiencing problems as well
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    That’s the second set of my 5&6* champs I’ve lost through a faulty game tonight. We really need the cooldown time removed on tonight’s champs
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    So I was in dungeons (hadn’t even started room 1) and I kept asking my partner left or right and they weren’t responding I reset game and still nothing all of a sudden then left room and I have a bug where it wouldn’t even let me finish room one by myself and still took my champs away (have to wait for cool downs despair doing nothing, I have a video of me using 4* magik,x-23, and aa, and I even shoe my magik on cool down.....
    iPhone se
    12.1.2 iOS
    Latest mcoc update
    Was on WiFi, signal:strong
    (FYI this flashing in the video is the game not responding when I try to move this was before my partner left)

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    I’m having a issue as well. Surely hope they plan on refreshing our champs used today
  • I've been having a problem with dungeons for a while now.. I enter it.. Choose my team choose which dungeon.. And go find match because it's a faster way to do dungeons.. And then it loads.. Then I see the message at the bottom saying ##### has entered the dungeon and a new dungeon has started. But on my side it's still loading.. So I wait like 2 to 3 min.. And nothing so I leave the lobby.. Go back and enter another dungeon with another player but the Champs I chose are on cool down.. And it 20hours to cool down.. But I never used these Champs.. Anyone else having an issue with dungeons?
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    Freezing my champs in match but I get stuck on finding a partner screen, then if you leave room champs register used SMH!
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    Twice now I just tried to initiate a dungeon with 'find a partner', both times the dungeon failed to start, and I'm not unable to use my champs. The champs are still available to pick, but after selecting my team the team screen is empty. I received emails both times saying the dungeon was concluded but I never actually was able to enter the dungeon.
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    Happening to me too. Restarting the game loads the room but you'll have to do it every room. Chat just wont work..
  • Hey there, we will be passing along all of this information to the rest of the team. For anyone who hasn't already, could you please provide the information requested in the forum bug report template? Having the device and network information, combined with descriptions of the specifics of what you are each experiencing will be helpful for an investigation.
  • epopliveepoplive Posts: 25
    Device and Version: iPhone XS Max

    Device Operating System: Latest iOS 12

    Mobile Carrier: AT&T
    Cellular or WiFi: WiFi
    Game Version Installed: 874281
    Game Mode: Dungeons
    Champions Affected: All
    Active Boosts: None
    Description of the Issue: Couldn't move in dungeon. Clicking node flashed both the chat and boost icons. Exited app, clicking 'continue' from dungeon banner or 'Go' from dungeon chat kicks me back to the main MCOC home screen.
  • I have an issue where sometimes when I do dungeons with random partners I will be unable to move. It has happened several times, wasting my champs and inconveniencing my partner. Once I attempt to leave the dungeon, restart the app or restart my phone I am locked out of the dungeon entirely. I try to join back but it returns me to game home screen.

    I always play dungeons on WiFi and I have a LG G7 ThinQ on Android 8.0.
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    So, we were just doing dungeons with my alliance leader QuikPik, we just entered room 4 of Dungeon 7 and it kicked us out. Right after that our Alliance War started. My thoughts are that because we used champs that were on defense, the game panicked and thought they were lockee. Is there any way to resume the dungeons with the then acquired progress? Our champs are now on cooldown. Here are some pics. @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Wolf @Kabam Vydious

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    Yeah, don't press anything in-game, just restart the game and it will be back to normal.
  • Lo4eathLo4eath Posts: 302
    Swe_wolfis wrote: »
    Yeah, don't press anything in-game, just restart the game and it will be back to normal.

    Thanks... but now we only have half the points...djmq0o61eup4.jpg
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    That happened to me too, and it wasted the 100% point boost I just threw on
  • Lo4eathLo4eath Posts: 302
    any way to fix this ?
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