Post your latest 5 star pulls



  • issamaf80issamaf80 Posts: 1,470 ★★★
  • SietzscherSietzscher Posts: 20
    The first 3 crystalls in 2019 brought Agent Venom, Electra dup and Agent Venom dup. At the end of the week i will reach the next crystal. I hope to get a mystic Champ. Only 5 Champs are mystic of my 52 5*s. One of them is Ucol. The others are Dormamu, Loki, Mephisto(all undup) and Juggernaut dup.
  • SpiderBroSpiderBro Posts: 80
  • SpiderBroSpiderBro Posts: 80
    U wanna see my second one
  • SpiderBroSpiderBro Posts: 80
  • Kamala
    Duped iron man
  • SpiderBroSpiderBro Posts: 80
    Hey kabam thanks for the hiemdall and void but can I have a domino please need her to get through act 5 and she's my fav champ and you can give me some trash champs after if I get a domino😃
  • Blubfish_666Blubfish_666 Posts: 237
    edited January 2019
    I like carnage but the others don’t have use for
  • Arham1Arham1 Posts: 435 ★★
    edited January 2019
    The next was Red Hulk, did not take screenshot because he's nothing compared to Corvus hets4nxqfwil.png
  • Ultimatesaber32Ultimatesaber32 Posts: 742 ★★
    Got Morningstar and Sentinel. Not too shabby
  • Alpha07Alpha07 Posts: 649 ★★
    I got Heimdall on my latest crystal. I've tested him now and he is really fun to play. he's going to r3 indeed.
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  • Samspade23Samspade23 Posts: 549 ★★
    My last two were hulkbuster and iron fist. It's been a bad run. Sigh.
  • correborrecorreborre Posts: 37
    Pulled corvus basic on thursday last week, got the dupe yesterday. Used the r5 gem from variant on him directly!
  • AleorAleor Posts: 2,791 ★★★★
    miss kk, bpcw
  • Darkstar4387Darkstar4387 Posts: 2,145 ★★★
    Iron Patriot

    Are my last ones
  • GmonkeyGmonkey Posts: 1,769 ★★★★
    From featured korg, then Howard the duck, then Netflix daredevil
    Back to regular crystals and got a trash panda
  • Logan00Logan00 Posts: 215
    edited January 2019
    Last 4, kingpin vulture, red magneto and Howard, spectacular pulls,.can wait for the next one, my wild guess is she-hulk or Kamala khan
  • DomizthebestDomizthebest Posts: 87
    Old man logan abd rhino
  • fvci58xscx5n.jpg
  • Trolled tbh
  • doctorbdoctorb Posts: 1,192 ★★★
    Rocket racoon
  • Drake2078Drake2078 Posts: 731 ★★★
    Out of the 11 champions, Spider-Man classic and Iron Fist duped. I've got nothing but craptastic 5*'s from the 5* crystals. Doctor Voodoo being the exception, though he is unawakened.
    So, I saved up for a 5* featured Old Man Logan :(
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  • BananaGrantBananaGrant Posts: 95

    Gulk was great. Blue Cyclops was alright because I needed a defender.
  • YubelYubel Posts: 2
    Here we go

  • DonkillaDonkilla Posts: 162
    5* hyperion duped, Modok Duped, iceman, killmonger, yondu, angela.. can name a few more and my base rate is 150k
  • CateatswhalesCateatswhales Posts: 112
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