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So theres guardian use so i took my rocket with me while completing act 4. His sig ability states he gains critical for every ten consecutive combo hits.. It doesn't specify a cap... Soo in theory. With those long A F realm of legends fights. Would a rocket with a high sig ability not own if you keep your combo?


    Because of diminishing returns which happened way back in 12.0 he was no longer able to get 100% critical hit rating. I'm assuming this is what you are referring to
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    @NOOOOOOOOPEEEEE have any more info on that.. Can you elaborate. Im really intrigued why his sig ability doesnt habe a cap
    @NOOOOOOOOPEEEEE have any more info on that.. Can you elaborate. Im really intrigued why his sig ability doesnt habe a cap

    I'm not the best guy for this i don't know how it works I just know who the changes effected.
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    If you had say... 400 combo hits. Would not every hit be a critical?
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    Diminishing returns means that as a score grows, you net less boost or gain.

    For example, at low scores on a scale 1-1000, 100 may net you a 30% boost in crit dam...

    200 equals 58% not 60%. This is because the closer you get to 1000, the lesser the increase on the %.

    300 may equal 78%

    400, 89%
    500, 96%
    600, 99%
    700, 99.6%
    800, 99.85%
    900, 99.95%
    1000, 99.99999%

    Each 100 points in a stat’s score nets less and less return.
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    Another way to look at it. If you played WoW and were around for the days of Rogue perms stuns, and to some extent Mace spec arms warriors, you would remember each time they stunned you, you were stunned for full duration. They Blizzard changed that to make it so each subsequent stun, within a certain time frame would have its duration lowered, to the point they became stun immune. Sort of like how limber does in AW
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    @NOOOOOOOOPEEEEE have any more info on that.. Can you elaborate. Im really intrigued why his sig ability doesnt habe a cap

    This ability doesn’t have a cap because it’s not really significantly game breaking like Starlord’s ability is. Attack (which isn’t subject to diminishing returns) was capped in order to keep his damage from getting out of hand (400 hits, right. Like anyone hits that). But Rocket’s sig only increases crit rate. Not even crit damage from what I recall. Even with 100% crit rate Rocket will always have a damage cap. But Starlord’s attack can essentially keep rising further and further. Also as mentioned above crit rate is subject to diminishing returns so he’ll never quite get a true 100% crit rate so that in of itself is a soft cap of sorts.
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    To answer your question a little more directly, yes his crit rate will get very high but will never be 100%. Even with a combo of 50 or more you notice how often he starts to crit. Just a guess but you could probably see a 90% crit rate from him with a decent combo. I don't use him enough to be sure though. Also yes at a decent combo his damage does start to add up due to all the critical hits but nothing like Starlord but definitely better than a majority of champs.
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    @Liss_Bliss_ OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH i see that makes sense thanks for clarifying that. cheers
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