How to fight Diablo?

I have no issue with his difficulty. He doesnt SEEM too hard. I dont have a void, but i have a cap iw. I simply dont understand how to fight him. Ive read his nodes and abilities throughly but everytime i go in i get curbstomped.
Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks!


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    One way I found was just running around until he runs out of potions. If you bait his sp1 you can force him to use a potion (keep in mind he becomes unstoppable afterwards) once he runs out you can just smash him down with out having to worry about unstoppable. His specials are very easy to avoid so just use that to your advantage. Make sure you watch your buffs too because of buffet, but overall I'd focus on removing his potions before lowering his health. Hope this helps and good luck! I've already 100% his uncollected mission.
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    So just bait the sp1 and hit him once every time to trigger the unstoppable?
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    Hi I believe I can help a bit. He has potions which he drinks throughout the fight. He has a node that says when he drinks a potion he gains unstoppable.

    It tells you when he is readying a potion (says brewing) and right when he is about to drink it. Very similar to The Champion from the Aegon quest line. This way you know when he is about to go unstoppable and have his potion buff. If he gains enough for a special just dash back, they are all short range and 1 or 2 hits.

    Other than that just don't bring anyone who gains buffs so you won't trigger the healing on UC difficulty. I did it with Magik, Rogue, and Bishop.
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    Survive till he uses all his potions
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    possibly quake him to death
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    Domino. 14 hits. 45 seconds.
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    Red Hulk and Masacre.

    Domino vs Uncollected Diablo
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    Drooped2 wrote: »
    Man_Bat wrote: »
    Domino. 14 hits. 45 seconds.

    Any synergies? kcbxpycfb4h6.jpg
    That's my a team havent made it to him yet

    my team consists of 4/40 4* and 2 5/50 and a 3/45... diablo should be a breeze for you...
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    Void, sparky, ghost rider I think. Void is your best option but since you don’t have void, sparky is a way to go
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    Took him down with a r4 quake easy.
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    1 shot with 5/65 sparky in 30 hits. Easiest boss in a while. Even easier than Darkhawk and he was a chump.
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