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Ghost Rider: Best Judgment Sequence


In your opinion. What is the best sequence to place judgements. Just as a control you are fighting a 4* kamala khan with 76287634 bazillion health

1.power drain
2.fate seal

If youre confident
2.fate seal
3.power drain


  • HaminHamin Posts: 2,446 ★★★★★
    This is my sequence (switch 1 and 2 if bleed immune):

    1) fury
    2) bleed
    3) regen
    4) power drain
    5) fate seal
    6) damnation
  • NEO_mr_AndersonNEO_mr_Anderson Posts: 882 ★★★
    Against regular champs:
    Bleed-power drain-fury-fate seal-regen

    Against buff champs:
    Bleed-fury-fate seal-power drain-regen

    I'm always, trying to, use the heavy on last, regen last longer.

    But, I have to adjust to certain champs, eg; Sparky, heavy to remove AI

    That is, mostly, the I play GR.

    For KK, Bleed-Fury-Power drain-date seal-regen
  • MaatManMaatMan Posts: 958 ★★★
    depends who i am fighting.

    but my control would be.
    (switch if bleed immune)
    power drain or fate seal
    (depends wat is needed more)
    fateseal or powerdrain
    (depends what i used before)

    few points.
    save fateseal for killing blow against champs who have a potential indestructible ability. hela, punisher, corvus etc.
    use fate seal earlier against champs like angela and medusa who rely heavily on buffs
    often i find no need to bait at all by going fury, bleed, powerdrain. i can normally gwet my sp2 before they get sp3 and then kill them before they get sp3 again.
    by regen after 3 or 4 judgments can normally finish on 100% health before my regen has expired.

    Really this question has no one answer.
    it is like asking how long is a piece of string.
    it really depends who you are fighting.
    some need a particular judgment early.
    some need a particular judgment for a longer time.
  • Lt_Magnum_1Lt_Magnum_1 Posts: 600 ★★
    Heavily depends on foe. I like to sacrifice damage often for more utility. 1) Bleed 2) Power Drain 3) Fate Seal 4) Regen (I use 4* and 5* GR a lot but both are not duped.
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