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    I'm making my next one already.
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    @Bodhizen which color is that tiel color that you use?
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    Is it aqua?
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    Bodhizen wrote: »
    Do you see what I'm saying?

    Yep. And you may be right; but remember that at 12.0 there were plans to give every champ different amounts of critical resistance and critical penetration though, so I think the game design team feel (or felt) that permanent critical resistance was workable.

    BTW, that last long comment of mine got moderated because I kept editing it; so as yet there's clearly no plan to shut this thread given. Hopefully, as long as we keep it constructive...
  • Hey guys, I really appreciate what you've tried to do here and you've shared some great ideas so far. However, you're essentially discussing in great detail characters who haven't entered The Contest yet and there are many similar comments already in our Character Wishlist Thread.

    The Character Wishlist Thread was created to help us keep everyone's suggestions in the same place, and unfortunately, allowing this discussion to remain open could lead to a lot of confusion about where to post new character suggestions.

    Our Development Team often reviews the Character Wishlist Thread when they're seeking inspiration for new Champions, but unfortunately, having ideas posted here instead of the Wishlist Thread could mean that some great suggestions get overlooked. For that reason and the one mentioned above, I'm going to go ahead and close this thread and request that you all share any new character suggestions you may have in our existing Wishlist Thread.

    Thank you all very much for your understanding!
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