3 Star Champions Alliance War

Kabaam, could your team introduce something that’ll help us to better utilize our 3 star champions? I feel like an Alliance War that limits everyone’s roster to 3 Star Champions would be the perfect idea and a lot of fun.


  • DrownedGodDrownedGod Posts: 225
    I like this. I've recently started to focus again on two and three stars and their value relative to specific events, namely the 5 star shard arena (yearly) and any potential Danger Room-esque events as yet to be announced. They've preached the need for a well rounded roster for the endgame players with Variant events, so why not go for the non 5 star crowd?

    I'd expand further and maybe look to offer incentives elsewhere - take the daily proving grounds for the 4 basic catalyst tiers. Give me a multiplier on the rewards given based on the difficulty and the champs I bring. Bringing 3 star champs or lower against the expert level for T4CC fragments? Give me an extra 25% fragments for my challenge.
  • Blax4everBlax4ever Posts: 683 ★★★
    This will never not be a great suggestion, however it’s been suggested for years now. Some alliances were agreeing to do 2* AW but Kabam cracked down on it.

    One of the groups around here used to have an informal 2*/3* challenge.

    I wouldn’t bother with too many suggestions tho, Kabam has their own way of doing things.
  • Something’s gotta give on Kabaam’s part. With the exception of Versus Mode, these 3 Star Champions are practically useless in every aspect of the game, now that we have 6 Star Champions to grind for. Giving the players a Mode that’s restricted to our 3 Star Roster, could bring back those champions value. I think of it as an opportunity for Kabaam to try something new, while using what’s already available to them.
  • MercenaryXXVIMercenaryXXVI Posts: 1
    3 star Champions have little to no value for seasoned players. Outside of versus mode, once you have 4 & 5 star players they don’t get used.

    I am hoping to see two possibly three war brackets. Prizes depend on difficulty of war.

    1. 3 Star Champs only.
    2. 4 & 5 Star Champs only
    3. No restrictions
  • phillgreenphillgreen Posts: 1,645 ★★★
    I could get on board with the tier system relating to the star level of champs that can be used.
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