Heal block champions in mutant and skill

Guys need help I want to complete my ultron veriant round but I defeat against sybertooth due to regeneration ability what I do


  • MarkRay09MarkRay09 Posts: 19
    Suggest me best heal block champions in skill and mutant and synergy on May v mastery setting from beginning heal block
  • GhostboytjieGhostboytjie Posts: 256
    well i used a 6* 25/25 Winter Soldier with Killmonger synergy and another run with my 55/55 Duped AA
  • simolazsimolaz Posts: 174
    If you are talking about the pre-boss one, I did it with a 5/65 Blade, no suicides.
    Sabretooth regeneration is way more manageable without the nodes that enhance it.
  • Use Archangel. His Neurotoxin shut down the regen
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