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    I looked on to do my trial but it's gone and I cant get any update
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    So whats going on. I called google and talked to them directly on the phone and they said it is not on there side. So i told them to send me an email stating something like this. I have posted it below.

    On the phone they said updates are not really scanned like new apps. Is this being submitted from the same servers that keep showing network problems?

    Hi *******,

    Thank you for contacting Google Support!

    It seems like your issue is related to the app itself. The best way to resolve your issue is to contact the app developer directly. Here’s how to find their contact information:

    Visit Google Play
    Select the app in question.
    On the app's details page, scroll down to the “Developer” section .
    If you’d like steps that typically help users with these issues see one of the articles below:

    Issues with apps or downloading
    Problems with in-app purchase
    Jim Christian
    The Google Support Team

    not sure if it works like that bud.

    I mean as soon as google gets an update they are going to review it and release it soon after but they aren't the publisher per say.

    I think a good analogy here is a writer.

    Kabam is the writer
    ???? is the publisher
    Google Play is like Barnes and Noble.
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