Spider-Man (Classic) -Overhaul-

Spidey's one of the first champs in the game and it shows given how dated his ability set seems. He does have some decent pressure with his passives and Level 1, but he needs a bit more oomph to really stand out.

Changes are in bold:

-Critical Hits: Chance to apply Armor Break.
-Specials: Chance to grant Precision.
-Web-Up: Specials apply Webbed on enemies, decreasing their Critical Hit rating and Ability Accuracy by 10%. Last 6/7/8 seconds (based on Special Level)

Spider-Sense: Chance to dodge enemy attacks and gain Great Power, increasing the Critical Hit Rating of Spider-Man's next attack and increasing the chance to trigger abilities by 10% while active. This ability triggers and stacks with the Dexterity Mastery.

Web Slinger: Remains as is, in fact, this is Spidey's go to Special seeing how much utility it has.

Swingin': If the enemy has Armor Break, this attack applies 2.0 seconds of Stun

Thwip, Thwip, Pow!: Apply or refresh the duration of Armor Break on the target.


  • Yes please. This would really add a lot as a buff. Maybe someday a spidey fan like me can dream that they Change his animations too...

    Nah that won’t happen, their more likely to put in some random spidey clone than that
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