Is there a reliable way to block/dodge these specials?

I might just be bad but there are a few champions that I just get wrecked by because of how their specials come out.

Yellowjacket sp1
Elektro sp1
Gamora sp2
(sometimes) Hulk sp1
Doctor Strange sp2
Venom sp2

Especially on champs like venom i will dodge back and be blocking well before the sp hits but I don't block.

Any tips? Thanks in advance.


  • BrowsBrows Posts: 41
    YouTube is probably your best bet instead of reading, much better to watch how it's done, I suggest DDD (Dorky Diggedy Dave). There are some good ones for YJ, DS and Venom, maybe the others but I've never looked.

    YJ you want to do a 4 hit combo if evading his SP1 and you need to back up and create a fair bit of distance then as he fires his special you dodge back again.

    Gamora is just a double swipe back.

    Hulk you need to swipe back then block (maybe you don't need to block but I do) then dodge back again when he throws the projectile, or just block the first part and dodge the projectile as there's very little chance of getting clipped and stunned.

    Doctor Strange is a multi-part evade, I suggest YouTube instead of trying to type the explanation. I think it's a double dodge back followed by a pause then dodge back a third time when his arm waves up.

    Venom you need to swipe back just as he's about to land then swipe back once or twice more to evade his tentacles or whatever.
  • BuckeyeKPBuckeyeKP Posts: 691
    These are all super evadable. take the poster's advice from above and look up videos specific to each one
  • TheSquish671TheSquish671 Posts: 2,876 ★★★★★
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    YJ and electro's sp1 and gamora and venom's sp2 just needs some distance when they launch it.
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