[Android] 21.3 Lag, Crashing and Performance Investigation



  • Device/model: Samsung G930A (galaxy 7)
    Android version 8.0
    Wifi full strength
    Carrier At&t

    I repeatedly have lag right when I am attempting to dash back or evade. Especially if it is when trying to evade a spl 1 attack. I've played for over 3 years, so I'm pretty confident in my evade skills. This issue is mainly occurring on quests including AQ sometimes too. I wasted several revives, potions, and 120 units due to the "perfectly timed" lag.

    If I didn't know any better I'd say it seems like intentional lag so we have to waste resources.
  • In-Game Name: greatuser
    Device and Model: Xiaomi Redmi Note 4
    Device Operating System: Andrioid version 7.0; MIUI version Global 10.1 (latest updated version)
    Cellular or WiFi: Both (no problem with the connection)
    Game Version Installed: 21.3 duh
    Game Mode: Event quest, alliance quest, alliance war, arena
    Description of the Issue:
    - Loading pages between fight take too much time they vary between 1-3 minutes and sometimes more. The loading time takes more time than the actual fight thus throwing away most of my gaming time only waiting to load. I have lost so many time on my boost for AW or event quest. If I open (spectate) map in AQ and AW, it will also have a very long loading page.
    - The game is lagging so bad in the crystal page. Scrolling down takes so much patience because of the lag. Sometimes I accidentally use units for a crystal that I don't even want because of the lag. Opening crystal takes a long time to load.
    - Arena fights don't have the same issue on the loading pages. However, it lags really bad when I try to choose champs.
    - The lags and long loading page have been bugging me since December. I saw some of the posts regarding this issue in the past game versions, so I don't want to add another one. I install the newest game version with the hope that it has been fixed. However, it turns out they are not.
    - Please do fix the game. It has been 3 months and no progress. I have no intention to get compensation even though I have the right to ask one. I just want my precious gaming time. I lost so much time for only loading page. Please bear in mind that I could not even challenge myself for a legend run because it is impossible with the current status. Please do take this issue very seriously because it concerns the gaming experience.
    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Lyra @Kabam Wolf
  • A_Noob_Is1A_Noob_Is1 Posts: 761 ★★
    ign: wadester
    model: LG stylo 4
    -using both the current operating system and version of the game
    - issue happens regardless of whether or not I'm using wifi
    - Issue: game crashes every couple of fights in arena and story quest. Also, some fights load without health bars and the special bars
  • In-Game Name: Memphistophiles
    Device and Model: Samsung Galaxy S8
    Device Operating System: Android 8.0.0
    Cellular or WiFi: Both, full bars
    Game Version Installed: 21.3.0
    Game Mode: Alliance Quest
    Description of the Issue: 

    Just started playing a Map 2 Alliance Quest. I got to She-Hulk and selected Moon Knight to fight her. When the game went to load screen, that 'issues connecting to the network' popup appeared. It was loading and lagging for a few minutes, not doing anything. FINALLY it passed the load screen and as soon as the fight began, I immediately got a fight TIMEOUT. Now my champ is at half health right at the start of the AQ because of the game's persistent lagging issues. I need to be sent some Alliance potions so I can heal my champ.
  • CaramesCarames Posts: 262
    Whatever was being tinkered with on the weekend was a step in the right direction. On Saturday, I was actually able to fight using my Galaxy Tab A (Android 7). The fights weren't completely smooth, but they were much improved and the best that they've been since I got the tablet in December. My other tablet (Arc10HD Android 4.4) wouldn't log in, though. It just sat at the loading screen and gave the "Problems connecting to the network" message.

    Last night, I was able to get in with the Android 4.4, but the loading screens were very slow. The fights on the Android 7 were choppier again.
  • SparkAlotSparkAlot Posts: 455 ★★★
    Kabam, if the device has already been reported, do we keep reporting the same device?
  • saorpssaorps Posts: 32
    ign: RafaThanozGoku
    Phone: Samsung S8
    Android version 8.0.0 – Samsung 9.0
    Connection: Wi-fi - AT&T / Data carrier TMobile
    version 21.3 of the game
    event quest, arena, and the rest of the game in general

    Description: Lag while playing, the animation seems slow, can't parry or block, loses and stuck the attack while attacking the defender, message of connection problem always pop out, the arena takes a long time to load.
    Additionally, I noticed parry or block failing after hitting the enemy with a special attack. I can survive in the arena or heroic or master of the event quest, However, this problem would be KO in UC or Act 5. I will wait for improvement news before trying these more difficult content.
  • Device model- redminote 5
    Android version 8.1.0
    Game name- vishnu1995
    Wifi full strength
    Wen I playing I can't evade or block nothing happens only hits take hits. Plz find a solution for this issue
  • THRobinsonTHRobinson Posts: 27
    I have had nothing but issues since probably late summer 2018.

    Crystal opening lag, and when going from one node to the next the loading screen is very slow. Especially in AQ/AW. Getting block/parry issues as well.

    Lenovo Yoga Tab 10
    Android 7.1.x
    WiFi - approx 78Mbps up/download speed when tested with Ookla, full signal, router about 6' away.
    Game name THRobinson
  • Stark3nergyStark3nergy Posts: 1

    In-game name:Jim & Iliana
    Device and Model: Samsung Note 9
    Device Operating System: Android version 9
    Cellular or WiFi: Celular and/or wifi
    Game Version Installed: The latest
    Game Mode:All

    Problem connecting to network even though I have full coverage. The issue has been mainly last few months and never occurs for me during a match, but when the match has ended and loads for the next section. It occurs when opening crystals. In Aq, Aw, leveling up players etc....

    My latest was in AQ this morning. Defeated Sentinal in AQ. Loading the next step, then the usual connecting to network came up. Waited, got disconnected, re connected, went back to game play, Sentinal was back up and my players health was depleated.

    The lag time and disconnect is costing us game time and rewards as this morning the alliance was having issues connecting before running out of time......this is just 1 out of multiple issues relating to connection issues.
    As you can appreciate, patience with that game is wearing thin and I'm only commenting as I love the game and wish to keep playing. But the linger the issue the more frustrating I'm getting and when I'm spending money........well I think you know what I mean!!
  • I dont understand why its becoming such a problem for kabam to to fix the android platform. I have been playing sence the beginning and can not recall the game acting up this much .. it would be nice if i could block or evade can yall fix it once and for all .. or do all the android players need to go on strike for a week . Im sure it would get fix at that point. It should never come to this but its getting real old . One time the game is on point the next time i open the game it garbage..
  • BFritzeBFritze Posts: 35

    In-game name:Agent Fritze
    Device and Model:Samsung Galaxy S9
    Device Operating System: Android version 8.0
    Cellular or WiFi: Both (issue pictured below occurred on 4G
    Game Version Installed: 21.3.0
    Game Mode:Alliance Quest

    End of fight victory screen freezing in AQ!

    Heres how it went: Got off work at 6:00, loaded into the game at 6:45 to join AQ, did one fight that went fine, fought The Hood and after 112 hits, I was looking at Ultrons victory pose for about 30 seconds before it gave me 0 points took 50% of my original health (approx.90%) then kicked me back to the map. Heartbreaking.

  • jp2835jp2835 Posts: 111
    IGN : jp2835
    Device &Model : Lenovo vibe k4 note
    OS version : Android 6.0.1
    Cellular or WiFi: both
    All game modes

    It just lags , lags bad enough to not letting me dash back,block an attack n sometimes just freezes during fights
    The game version is 21.3
  • IGN: krythis_888
    Device & Model: Lenovo A5000
    Device OS: Lollipop 5.0.2
    Game Mode: All
    Game Version: 21.3.0

    Like with other summoners, loading time 3to5mins between fights in arena and monthly quest, lagging while fighting and logging in, force close while in AQ bout and so on and so forth...
  • abuhaniefa92abuhaniefa92 Posts: 2
    Im facing unresponsible control when im trying to do the parry and dexterity .
  • IGN:Deadpoop 33
    Device/model: BLU Advance A7
    Android version:7.0
    Game modes:All
    Game version:21.3.0

    Why?:It takes about 3-5 minutes to sign in as it takes as resume amount of time just to to a alliance quest, but most importantly of all the Omega lag when I try to open a crystal it takes about 5-10 minutes just to stop the lag and then when I try to open a crystal it's starts all over again...
  • ramanshramansh Posts: 96
    isn't the lagging issue instead of getting reduced increasing after this update (especially after the maintenance ) i play on ANDROID
    so KABAM pls look into it ASAP
  • BFritzeBFritze Posts: 35
    jolica000 wrote: »
    IGN: krythis_888
    Device & Model: Lenovo A5000
    Device OS: Lollipop 5.0.2
    Game Mode: All
    Game Version: 21.3.0

    Like with other summoners, loading time 3to5mins between fights in arena and monthly quest, lagging while fighting and logging in, force close while in AQ bout and so on and so forth...

    Android is on version 9 so this is the most probable cause. Although even Galaxy S9 with Android Oreo 8.0 is having problems.
  • CaramesCarames Posts: 262
    BFritze wrote: »
    jolica000 wrote: »
    IGN: krythis_888
    Device & Model: Lenovo A5000
    Device OS: Lollipop 5.0.2
    Game Mode: All
    Game Version: 21.3.0

    Like with other summoners, loading time 3to5mins between fights in arena and monthly quest, lagging while fighting and logging in, force close while in AQ bout and so on and so forth...

    Android is on version 9 so this is the most probable cause. Although even Galaxy S9 with Android Oreo 8.0 is having problems.

    Actually, I have a tablet with Android 4.4 that fights light years better than my other tablet that has Android 7. That makes absolutely no sense in my mind.
  • AngelLordAngelLord Posts: 62
    In Game Name: IGBSneakyNow
    Device & Model: Samsung Galaxy S9
    O/S: Android Pie
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Mode: General
    Description of Issue: Parrying & MS UID (kind of scrambled language) . Parrying generally is not working. The screen shows a pop up of parry but there's no parry. (There are no nodes or parry avoiding champs). Parry is bugged in general...most apparent using CAPIW with Synergies where he puts debuffs on champs...there are times when the enemy gets the debuff (like they were parried) yet they were not stunned from the parry...sometimes they only get 1 or 2 of the debuffs...but still not the stun from parry... even when parry is working the timing is all off...sometimes you have to parry really early...othertimes when you do that they pause and clobber you...sometimes it seems like the timing on parry has to be so precise as to be ridiculous... It makes the UC events extremely hard and frustrating (used way more revives than would or should be necessary). Also frustrating in AQ and AW.
  • mortismortis Posts: 17
    In-Game Name: Mortisvan
    Device and Model: LG G4
    Device Operating System: Android 6.0
    Cellular or WiFi: Both, full bars
    Game Version Installed: 21.3.0
    Description of the Issue: Takes 10 to 15 minutes to open 10 crystals. Take up to 3 minutes between fights in event quest. I had to stop joining the dungeon mode because of the lag time between fights.
  • jp2835jp2835 Posts: 111
    Kabam Lyra wrote: »
    Hi Summoners!

    Our team is working to identify and address performance issues in The Contest and we need your help as we gather relevant information.

    As part of this process, it is important for you to understand that lag and game performance are affected by a host of factors including: device, operating system, connection and even Champions or maps. Complicated issues such as these involve an equally complicated investigation process, due to all of these variables. Your contributions to this thread will help in that investigation. This, however, does not mean that there is one single “fix” coming that will address all concerns for all players. It is an ongoing process of improvements that the team is continually working toward as the game progresses.

    If you are experiencing lag, unresponsive controls or performance problems in the Android version of The Contest, please reply using the template below.

    This thread is for Android users only.

    In-Game Name: Please include your in-game (not forum) name.
    Device and Model: (Example, Samsung Galaxy S6)
    Device Operating System: (Example, 8.0) You can find the operating system version on Android by going to Apps, then Settings and “About Device.”
    Cellular or WiFi: Does this issue happen when you are using cellular data, WiFi or both? If on cellular, what is your mobile carrier?
    Game Version Installed: To check which version of the game you have installed, go to the Play Store and confirm that you have the latest version installed which will show you the number. This thread is for users on the 21.3 version of the game only.
    Game Mode: In which game mode did the error occur? Story Quests, Event Quests, Arena, Alliance Quest or Alliance War.
    Description of the Issue: Please include a full and complete description of the lag and performance issue you are experiencing with as much relevant detail as possible. This includes any specific Champions affected and how long you’ve been experiencing the issue.

    Replies to this thread must use the template below and provide relevant, constructive information about the issue. This thread is for information gathering and not one-on-one support. Off topic posts, requests for status updates and general complaints will be removed according to the forum rules.

    When we'll recieve the fix ?
    Even you should give some compensation for all those lags n glitches in past 2 months
  • Ign: Deev~5
    Zenfone Live L1
    Android 8.1
    Version 21.3
    Happens on every quest

    It experiences crashing when I use certain champions, like Heimdall or Captain Marvel, but is not limited only to them as it happens with almost every champion I use. It is frustrating because I really desire to clear the quest but ends up crashing and leaving me to fight the same guy over and over again. The fight also never reaches its end, mind you. Also, when I load back in, the champions already have half their health gone as they obviously lost the fight. It has proven to be a big waste of time. Please help.
  • Also happens both on WiFi and cellular data
  • In-Game Name: Mr. MonsterEyes
    Device and Model: Galaxy Tab A (2016, Model SM-T580)
    Device Operating System:8.1.0
    Cellular or WiFi: WiFi
    Game Version Installed: 21.3.0
    Game Mode: Story Quests/ Event Quests
    Description of the Issue: Striking Mr. Sinister's block causes a lag which causes Mr. Sinister to clobber me. I have also been experiencing my champion running out and being locked in place unable to dodge. There are also times when my champion will charge forward when I am holding them in block.
  • LowecomotiveLowecomotive Posts: 15
    edited February 16
    In-Game Name: Lowecomotive
    Device and Model: Samsung Galaxy S9
    Device Operating System: 8.0
    Cellular or WiFi: Both anywhere anytime
    Game Version Installed: 21.3

    Game Mode: every fkg game mode.

    Description of the Issue: Responsiveness issues, champs not responding.

    Phone getting ridiculously Hot.

    Connection issues constant dropouts in all forms of game.
    Servers crashing
    Getting kicked from game.
    Everytime I use an item rank/level up champs I get connection issues, without fail.
  • Laksh1995Laksh1995 Posts: 65
    In game-name:jnli
    Device and model:Vivo Y53(vivo 1606)
    OS:android funtouch OS
    Cellular or Wi-Fi:both(cellular:1mbps,wifi:3mbps)
    Game mode:opening crystals
    Description of issue:it lags when I go to open crystal for about 10-20 min. Then lags when I try to spin crystal
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