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I have lost several matches the last few days with auto fight turning itself (my fingers are NOWHERE near it) on in challenging matches, including several times in Labyrinth of Legends and the new Uncollected quest. It's an incredibly frustrating bug!! It would be very easy to fix by including an ENABLE AUTOFIGHT option in settings. I very rarely ever use it, so it is really a problem when it randomly turns on causing me to lose tough matches.


  • JayerickJayerick Posts: 53
    And again today in Trials. Moderator please review and respond, this is a serious issue with a fairly easy fix
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    Honestly, who cares about or uses Autofight? Its stupid. The game wouldn't change if this feature was in or out of the game.
  • Honestly, who cares about or uses Autofight? Its stupid. The game wouldn't change if this feature was in or out of the game.

    I like autofight...
  • JayerickJayerick Posts: 53
    Thats not what I am talking about guys. I am talking about it turning on randomly in the middle of difficult matches and killing me. Thats a big problem. Again, my thumbs or fingers are nowhere near the button. But yeah, I rarely use it myself, its ok for heroic and normal EQ
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    @Jayerick Yes I know but I'm saying that the feature if pretty much useless and its just in the way of normal fights
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    If you turn on Autofight, in most daily quests it won't be on when the fight starts.
    If you then turn it on you cannot turn it off again to take over the fight until a death occurs.
    This has been an issue for over a year, no point reporting it again as it never gets looked at and with connection issues plaguing us again what's the point. If you can't play then bugs are irrelevant lol
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    Havent had this yet. I have had it (pre update) where it turned itself on before a fight. But nothing for last few weeks.
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    Auto fight feature is great for easy content, but during difficult fights it only causes problems being accidentally turned on during the fight. When evading multiple times it's easy to slide your thumb over the auto fight button, if its turned on for even a split second during a difficult fight itll cause you to die. By moving it to the pause screen, or up at the top of the screen next to the pause button, itll prevent any accidental activation.
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