5 star player

U have tried everything but whenever I pulled up 10k or 15k crystal I always get **** I am fedup and not interested in playing further I am not interested in playing further


  • EWK3XLGT my account name is denis superhero
  • Then stop playing
  • The fact that you are getting emotional over a mobile game is just plain sad, if you don’t want to play just don’t play. There’s nobody forcing you to play
  • Why would you even write your account name there? You seriously think that someone is going to give you anything?
  • ContestOfNoobsContestOfNoobs Posts: 1,374 ★★★★
    i searched ur name and it doesnt even pop up,

    what do u think u deserve? a 5* god tier? and why should just give it to you?
  • Foxhero007Foxhero007 Posts: 567 ★★
    out of 22 5star champs I only duped 1 and that is Proxima Midnight but you don't here me complaining about it.
  • Drstu3000Drstu3000 Posts: 31
    Enough of these **** posts. You don't get to pick the champ you get. That's how the game works. This was clear within the first 2 minutes of playing the game. Everyone goes off of Seatin's list of which champ is best, pretty sure he didn't make the game
  • BigHeroSquadBigHeroSquad Posts: 37
    Fool has a 5* Domino at R4.
  • Tiger360Tiger360 Posts: 811 ★★★
    So you have a quake and domino 5 star and you’re still complaining
  • Hello All,

    This post is not very constructive nor can I see it being constructive moving forward. For that reason, I am going to close this thread down.
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