Alliance War Season Rewards for Season 13 have now been distributed. Compensation for individual Wars will be sent later today (Nov 20). You can leave your alliance and still receive the individual Wars Compensation. We are also investigating an issue with Champions stuck in AQ. At the moment Days 1-4 of Honor Rewards have been paid out, Day 5 and full Rewards are still coming!

Horrible realizations

So remember how at the end of the Night Riders motion comic it was revealed that what we thought what was an ordinary symbioid turned out to be a skrull... Well, I’ve got some horrible news for you, lil Steve, symbi, whatever you may have called your “ summoned symbioid “ may have equally been a spy for the skrulls... Have you ever thought about why he ever ran away, why he attacked other symbioid/symbiotes and why he was so gifted compared to others? What do you think? Was lil Steve a skrull spy?


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