Please note that when we enable the 1 Loyalty Cost for Revives in Alliance Wars for Season 34, they will not be visible from the screen that appears when you choose to Revive or Heal a Champion from the Fight Screen.

You will be able to purchase Revives from the Loyalty tab in the Store Menu.

5 Star Collector

So when is he being added? I’ve seen his profile pic.


  • Never ...
    And how can you say that is legit?
  • ackrite26ackrite26 Posts: 51
    edited February 2019
    I can post the whole screen shot but can’t be arsed to cut out sensitive info at the moment. I’ll do it soon.

    Check your alliance help see if any of your members have this profile pic instead of their normal one.

    Edit: changed pic
    Just looked that the ally and no collector
  • ackrite26ackrite26 Posts: 51
    It’s my alliance. I know no one has him.

    My point being that all the members in my ally had that profile pic in the help section for a min or two.
    Then they reverted back to normal.
  • ackrite26ackrite26 Posts: 51
    edited February 2019
    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Vydious can a mod back me up that I’m not altering images and this is the Collectors profile pic?

    Or did I let a cat out of the bag too early?
  • Yellow8FellowYellow8Fellow Posts: 186 ★★
    Maybe it's one of those profile pictures that you can buy.
  • ackrite26ackrite26 Posts: 51
    I doubt it as it has the 5* border. All the ones you buy from the store have a different border.
  • Hammerbro_64Hammerbro_64 Posts: 7,443 ★★★★★
    edited February 2019
    I bet it’s confused with a new collector something being added in game. Hence, Act 6 maybe? Possibly a toned down collector for an exploration reward for Act 6 (maybe LoL2?)
  • SmashSmash Posts: 808 ★★★
    That’s just a visual glitch. Sometimes other ally mates are showing the legend tag. Just a glitch
  • DjinDjin Posts: 1,902 ★★★★★
    ackrite26 wrote: »

    Here he is

    possibly a visual glitch.
  • ackrite26ackrite26 Posts: 51
    It is a visual glitch.
    But not one I have seen before, also the legend glitch is already known of and can happen if you have a legend in the alliance. I don’t see how the two are related.

    I have never seen a glitch display an unreleased characters 5* profile pic.
  • Tiger360Tiger360 Posts: 1,691 ★★★★
    How long did that take to photoshop?
  • ackrite26ackrite26 Posts: 51
    Photo shopping would be considered a breach of forum rules I believe.
    Nothing has been photoshopped.
  • jojodeth101jojodeth101 Posts: 480
    Do you remember when profile pics first came out when a alliance member asked for help their pic would be a question mark so probably a visual bug as said above ^^
  • ackrite26ackrite26 Posts: 51
    We all know it’s a visual bug.

    But why a 5* collector?
    I have never seen or seen it reported before.

    I just want to know where this 5* Collector profile pic came from.
  • This is a visual error. There are no plans to release the Collector as an obtainable Champion in the future.
  • JCBRJCBR Posts: 43
    Does it have to do with the upcoming Act 6? There was a recent in game mail about some changes coming to the battlerealm with the collector's pic as if the message came from him. I ain't sure though if that was the source of bug
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