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  • Dezz_1Dezz_1 Posts: 118
    I am tired of losing my 5 and 6s champs. What are you guys doing.
  • We're experiencing issues right now, but we're working to get it resolved! Thank you again for all your patience.
  • BapoiBapoi Posts: 995 ★★★
    On the last two paths of cap’s quest. This does not amuse me..
  • ericolorericolor Posts: 235
    still unstable and... Oh, down again.
  • Jh_DezJh_Dez Posts: 1,303 ★★★
    Just lost a dungeon run
  • ThatGrootGrootThatGrootGroot Posts: 427 ★★
    Zuko_ILC wrote: »
    Can't even get an arena match done without loading screens.....keep getting booted, I think you need to take game down until its fixed and tested.

    That would be the smart approach. Haven't they had extended emergency maintenance to get a fix in?
  • ThatGrootGrootThatGrootGroot Posts: 427 ★★
    Mets17 wrote: »
    I'm just sticking around 2 finish season 8 of AW 2 help out the members of my alliance. Then I'm calling it quirs. Plus running 2 accounts is beyond exhausting

    1. I knew that was going to be your response. I've seen plenty of people say that then they stick with the game.
    2. Wouldn't going down to just one account make it more fun? I don't understand how people run additional accounts. Maybe they have more downtime than I do.
  • XxtoxxikxXXxtoxxikxX Posts: 19
    edited February 2019
    Over the past couple of months the "problems connecting to the network" messages have been appearing more and more frequently. Is there any way we can get some clarification on what is causing these issues and what Kabam is doing to try and solve it? It would help with the "transparent" goal you had last year and would help me save so many boost and potions from having to restart in the middle of a fight and come back with half health. This problem is getting worse and worse and kabam had made no formal post or anything on how they are trying to resolve it.
  • LordBeaverbrokeLordBeaverbroke Posts: 285 ★★
    edited February 2019
    5 bucks says SA rewards won't be available for 2 weeks after this due to server overloads or something else.

    On a serious note, Kabam, your game's maintenance is causing is causing my other applications to become slow for some reason (I know it is not my wifi, because my computer is working fine).

  • VolumeOneVolumeOne Posts: 97
    My favorite thing of these loading screens is between your three arena fights, you will sit at a loading screen for three minutes and then suddenly the fight starts; you have to be staring at your screen for the entire time to hope you don't lose your streak.
  • Galaxy76Galaxy76 Posts: 62
    I invested units on fights...and in the middle of fight game goes who will give me competition for my hard earned units ?... I am soo sad right now @Kabam Miike @Kabam Lyra
  • This game and the outages are just a joke and not even owning up, I was trying to run dungeons and twice it goes down for emergency maintaince, you should at least refresh our champs but more so fix all the issue it has instead of releasing characters to get money. Please and thank you long time player. Disgruntled
  • HaminHamin Posts: 2,444 ★★★★★
    Way too many Xs in your name.
  • We're experiencing issues right now, but we're working to get it resolved! Thank you again for all your patience.

    Are we getting compensated or free refreshes for our wasted 5* Champs in Dungeons?
  • kfd2010kfd2010 Posts: 423 ★★
    Absolutely, I'm getting so tired of seeing that message. It's really zapping my enjoyment of this game.
  • Can you just, you know, fix the game? Multiple Emergency Maint. and constant Network Connectivity issues. That’d be greeeeat.
  • ThednessThedness Posts: 27
    Str wrote: »
    I just popped 3 1 hr boosts. Attack, health and combination boost.
    Now the contest has gone down and i cant use them.
    (Not to mention the lag and connection issues that caused me to die).

    What is the protocol for this? Log a ticket and get boosts back? Does kabam give boosts back?

    No. There is never compensation for lost items s due to connection issues. Kabam says there are many reasons connections **** out, so you get nothing. We get nothing. It's probably our fault anyway, right?
  • MEKA5MEKA5 Posts: 344 ★★
    The game kept disconnecting me yesterday. Hope one day they'll fix these issues for good.
  • JmitriJmitri Posts: 5
    I was starting a fight in alliance war when the game kicked me out. It cost me half my health and an attack bonus. When I tried again the game just shut down. I want my missing health back and I want that attack bonus back. It’s not my fault that the game is in emergency maintenance. This situation needs to be rectified.
  • InfinityM04InfinityM04 Posts: 118
    For the next update, don't say you're fixing connectivity issues cause we all know that's a lie. The least y'all can do is change your message to: "Problems connecting to the server. It is not your internet connection. It's our crappy servers. Don't worry, when you're able to connect back we'll have a $50.00 offer for you that you cannot resist".

    I think we can all agree on that message.
  • roberto94roberto94 Posts: 779 ★★
    What are you doing to the game!? It’s been weeks with connection issue pop-up message and you’re blindly saying it’s at our side?? (Don’t blame my WiFi and my 4g signal bar, they working as intended finely than yours)
  • HaminHamin Posts: 2,444 ★★★★★
    At least they put a big yellow banner at the top of the page, so we wouldn't have to make multiple threads about the game going down...

    Oh wait.
  • borntohulaborntohula Posts: 447 ★★★
    Straws. Clutching. At. Not for much longer though.
  • UnnecessaryJB1UnnecessaryJB1 Posts: 202
    I thought aq week finished an hour ago.. Before maintenance, but maybe just for me..
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