What is the non god tier champ you oddly want



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    I would love a Hela or a Hulk (Ragnarok) mostly because I adore the last Thor film. Other than that, I want a 4/5* Gamora cause she was my favorite 3 star back when I was a beginner, I only found out when I started researching MCOC online that people considered her a not-so-good champion so I kinda neglected her, but she really got me through so much content in the beginning, I wanna use her again but as a 4 or 5* so I can take her to quests again.

    Dude that's so true. I loved Deadpool xforce, war machine and old Man Logan until I started playing more and reading the forms. Ruined so many champs for me. I remember thinking gamora had the best sp2 in the game

    Gamora was my 1st 4*. I got her from my 2nd PHC crystal she got me thru so much content. I felt bad when I stopped giving her resources once I saw what good champs were lol
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    I really want Proxima, to go along with my corvus, and because I think she's got a lot of potential for Act 6.

    I also really want a bloody 4* OG Thor, as he's my favourite marvel character. I've been playing this game for almost 3 years (currently 34 months) and I still don't have him. If he ever gets brought in as a 5* that'd be cool too.
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    I want a 5* OG DD, since he is my favourite Marvel character. But, ok, I got the Netflix DD as a 5*, so there is that...
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    WWII Cap. I don't have one. Not even bothered about the * because I wouldn't use him anyway.
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    5* OG vision. Just never wanted him enough to throw down 500 big ones.
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    Emma Frost. Opened 100 Featured crystals for her in September, not even a 3 star version of her.
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    You can have mine
    I want a 5* groot, antman, and Bishop.
    I want a 5* groot, antman, and Bishop.

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    Arham1 wrote: »
    Emma Frost. Opened 100 Featured crystals for her in September, not even a 3 star version of her.

    My most wanted champ as well. Didn't do the fgmc for her but opened about a dozen of the 5* featured she was in and got trash every one. Sadly she still evades me.
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    I wouldn't mind a 5 star Antman
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    I don't know if she's godly now but I really like playing with spider-gwen..
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    I’d like a 6* Ironman just so I can have him in every star.
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    5* yondu. please kabam..? : ))))))))))))))))))

    He was my first 6*, he’s dope for healing champs. Helped me in act 5 100% a lot with vigor and vitality paths
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    I wouldn't mind a 5 star Antman

    You can have mine lol
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    Hawkeye! Desperately need him for variant
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    Ronan. I actually have a 2015 gem waiting for him. He just keeps finding himself useful for some of the hardest challenges every other month and I would like something higher than 4* 3/30.
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    Symbiote Spiderman, I'd die for a 5 Star one but would love even a 4 Star one!

    That's a good one. Love that 80-second armor break.
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    Well...it has not yet been determined if she'll be "god tier" yet or not .... but either way....


    Has it been determined that she'll even be in the game?
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    Sheer_Cold wrote: »
    Proxima because of True Strike. I did recently get a Heimdall, however, so I guess my wish list is back to the average

    I just want her to help deal with stupid champs like Yondu, Domino, Havoc and Iron Man (IW) .. LOL
  • I've had 4* She-Hulk and Storm for two years. Haven't duped either one. There are other champs I've duped numerous times and in some cases have maxed out without using sig stones, but dupes on these two have eluded me. For Storm, I actually got her from arena, so I've never pulled her.
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    Why is it odd
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    Voluntaris wrote: »
    Well...it has not yet been determined if she'll be "god tier" yet or not .... but either way....


    Oh how I’ve missed this!
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    I really want my Taskmaster to be duped :open_mouth:
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    I'd love a 6* red hulk or sentinel.
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    duped Taskmaster
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    Thor and Hela

    The one I really want is Rogue. I am a rogue fanatic.
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