My two cents on how to improve Colossus

As I have done with War Machine, I have thought about the champion of Colossus, and come up with ideas on how to improve him. As I stated before, this is just my idea, and there are probably better ones out there.

Keep Colossus's stats the same, or buff his base health (Colossus needs to be more tanky, as opposed to offensive based)
Give Colossus a flat percentage to armour up for every hit exchanged(just like his sig now)
Give Colossus poison and concussion immunity
all special attacks have a flat percentage to inflict stun
Every time Colossus land a crit on a stunned opponent, he has a variable chance to refresh the stun(Variable means it can be upgraded)

Signature ability
Rename to Unbreaking
Every time Colossus land a crit, he has a variable chance to gain a passive unbreaking charge
Upon being struck by a critical hit, Colossus converts 1 unbreaking charge to a .5 second Unstoppable passive buff, and an indestructible buff that lasts a variable time
Whenever an unbreaking charge is removed, the opponent takes a variable amount of direct damage.
Unbreaking charges can be removed by armour break debuffs

So is this Idea terrible? I welcome all criticisms


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