I've saved up the resources and i need help

i have a 4/40 Medusa, Archangel, and CAIW. i have the resources now to take all 3 to rank 5. I have two generic awakening gems and 1 mutant gem from a while back. Should i use my resources for these three to add to my team for the collector?

I've saved up the resources and i need help 18 votes

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    I think they're all worth a rank 5. Archangel is worth the mutant gem. I just don't know if I would use generic gems on Medusa/CAIW. If they were class gems, then I would use them without hesitation. My only reservation is that you might pull a champ that benefits far more from an awakening than Medusa or CAIW. This game is all about being smart with your resources.

    Medusa will still have most of her utility. She would just be missing out on the furies (so a decent amount of added damage) and the auto-block (which, from my experience, isn't a huge deal when I'm using her for offense). While CAIW's sig does add a lot of utility, he's still amazing without it. There's a big difference between his sig at a low level and his sig at a high level, so you should pump him full of sig stones if you are going to awaken him. If it were me (and I'm not saying this is the best thing to do), I would maybe use a generic on CAIW, wait to dupe Medusa from crystals, and save that other generic in case I get someone that just becomes an absolute monster form being awakened. Of course, an awakened Medusa would be great for alliance war defense.

    That said, they're all top tier champs. You'll get a lot out of using your resources on them.
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    Hell yeah bro, all three of those champs are absolute beasts
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