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Which 5* mystic champs worth r3 first?

ReferenceReference Posts: 2,897 ★★★★★
For mystic champ, so far I have GR and Magik at r4 and I’m thinking to rank up one more mystic champ and bring him to r4. In this respect, which one have higher priority for me to r3 first? Thanks.

Which 5* mystic champs worth r3 first? 49 votes

unduped Dr Voodoo
Jets44Sai_7SceptilemaniacSpiderCoolsalwaysdanellyRobdrulakThe_red_EclipseCASrini003RockypantherxMikePendragonBen93shumaxgorathCubb1es22VØŁĶ1902zidane21Biwhunt3r25Ctleath_013Ægon0710Arondight 19 votes
unduped Mesphito
Osfan8brucef8bringerWabobaColonaut123ZombieZeddSérgio_321Darth_SemzArham1designsodaSvaenFreeToPlay_21Huntspyj 12 votes
unduped Hook
winterthurSpeedbumpAjisdopeTerrasolivagant56Hannibull091466MegaGalacticTakingAllDownClydaniaDetroyerJayCeeFhfjghhggggjfhfjgSaket_123LD_Studios97ThatGrootGroot 15 votes
unduped Guilly
Spity68Charlie_SceneWakanda4Ever278 3 votes


  • ReferenceReference Posts: 2,897 ★★★★★
    More comments are welcomed. Thanks!
  • Ctleath_013Ctleath_013 Posts: 416 ★★
    unduped Dr Voodoo
    Doctor Voodoo is probably your best option for utility. If you happen to get a dupe for Mephisto, he would be a good AW defender.
  • FhfjghhggggjfhfjgFhfjghhggggjfhfjg Posts: 4,492 ★★★★★
    unduped Hook
    Hood as dr voodoo needs to be awakened
  • ThatGrootGrootThatGrootGroot Posts: 427 ★★
    unduped Hook
    Hood is better than unduped Voodoo.
  • AjisdopeAjisdope Posts: 921 ★★★
    unduped Hook
    Hood for sure. Has great utility and doesn't need the dupe.
  • ReferenceReference Posts: 2,897 ★★★★★
    Thanks for all the insights
  • Sai_7Sai_7 Posts: 246
    unduped Dr Voodoo
    Voodoo is a Quest hero ! If duped he is one of the best !
    Abilities : Poison, AAR, Power Control, Regen.. It all becomes better once duped!
    If champs have a lot of buffs and can be poisoned , they are slayed!
  • ReferenceReference Posts: 2,897 ★★★★★
    Actually my struggle is exactly the same as the votes above. DV has been one of the best mystic champs yet he need to be duped. Hook is fun to play and doesn’t need to be duped, yet less utilities than DV......
  • NEO_mr_AndersonNEO_mr_Anderson Posts: 1,075 ★★★
    Can't vote, here's why.
    DV - Unduped, he's ok, but.... Still a good champ (Would be my first choice if duped)
    Mephisto - He's very underrated. I like him and, synergy with you GR. One of the best Hype killer.
    Hood - One of my fav mystic. Good synergy with Ghost.
    Gully - Always been a good hitter, and, the synergy with the Gamora buff is very good.
  • ReferenceReference Posts: 2,897 ★★★★★
    Maybe I add additional criteria, say if I want a champ who can help to 100% remaining 5.2.6 to 5.4, which mystic champ above are better? Thanks.
  • FreeToPlay_21FreeToPlay_21 Posts: 1,594 ★★★★
    unduped Mesphito
    If you have the right synergies for Mephisto, he'll be the best option in my opinion
  • Colonaut123Colonaut123 Posts: 3,091 ★★★★★
    unduped Mesphito
    Mephisto is by far the best. He has so much utility.
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