Thank you kabam

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We asked you to fix the AI bug and issues with ghost and you fixed it very quickly. We are all very grateful especially the ghost players like myself :)


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    Yes, thanks, Kabam. We are giving you a lot of sh.t at times, but that's how you know we care. If we didn't, we would just walk away. But we choose to stay and try and work things out. It's great when it ends up like in this case.
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    Sweet, can use my 4* ghost for ......
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    Tiger360 said:

    johara84 said:

    axelelf_1 said:

    Sweet, can use my 4* ghost for ......

    For basically all content area except Act 6.
    Right? People are overreacting. I wouldn't even attempt a 25k rating with a 4 star, especially since anyone who has completed ACT 5 100% has 10+ 5 stars
    Just because you wouldn't attempt it doesn't mean no one should be able to attempt. Poor rationalization. There are people who can do things you and I simply cannot, whether by choice.. or lack of choice.

    I'd use my 5/50 AA in 6.1.1 all day long if I could bring him in. You may not do that but that fact alone shouldn't hinder my options. Oh well, I guess I need to go buy more 5* shards for outrageous prices and hope for that 0.8% chance I pull a 5* AA!
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    Thanks for your patience @Tiger360.

    For any discussion or feedback about Act 6, please post in the official discussion thread.
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