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War Matchmaking working very well (atleast in some regard)

MaatManMaatMan Posts: 958 ★★★
Now i dunno if all will agree with this or not.
i have 2 allies and have found matchmaking to be very good.
it seems to use a lot of different factors to determine evan matches. WR, AR, individual rosters i dunno but its good.

For example,
RN my 17 milion 2150 WR ally is up against a 11 milion 2100 WR ally.
now that 6 mil seems like alot however looking through their profiles they have a lot of accounts that are like only like 200k full of 4/55 and a few 5/65. so they have a lot of low rated accounts that actually have strong top champs and are powerful for war.
so this is actually a very fair war.

i have a brand new ally, less than 1 mil.
our first war was 0 WR v 1300 WR, but we had only 4 people and they had only 7 low ranking accounts. we got the win.
our second war was same same WR and they were 2mil v our 900k but we had 5 actives they had 8 actives,
this is only our 3rd war there and our WR is only 137 our opponents is 220. we are 1 mil while they are 2 mil. but we have 5 members while they have 7.
so very very close.

I dont know exactly what has happened but from my experience we are recieving the fairest war matches overall that i have seen from any wars before.
even those that look odd at first glance on paper have all turned out to be ver close wars.

maybe it is just my experience but i like it.
please comment below and tell me urs.

but it seems to me that Kabam are now using WR, AR, #of members, Avg account prestige i dunno a whole bunch of stuff but it seems to work from where i am sitting.


  • MaatManMaatMan Posts: 958 ★★★
    edited March 2019
    was really hoping to hear if others are finding the same thing?
    i mean since season started i have not seen any threads on bad matchups so i take that as a good sign.
    i hope that my experiences hold true for others and that Kabam have made a good step toward fixing war matchups.
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