Which 5* to r4?

Which 5* to r4? 18 votes

Duped domino
KossukoseSUBHSpiderCoolsStrDiablosUltimateshadow_lurker22The_red_EclipseMaldroit2JayCeeFhfjghhggggjfhfjgSidDDragonChampSlayerLordGenesis 13 votes
Duped medusa
Kong_MasterMikePendragonSérgio_321 3 votes
Unduped iceman
Unduped archangel
Spity68Domizthebest 2 votes


  • BoogerPresleyBoogerPresley Posts: 62
    Is domino only good with red hulk and massacre synergies?
  • BoogerPresleyBoogerPresley Posts: 62
    It looks like domino it is. Is she good without the red hulk and massacre synergies
  • StrStr Posts: 434 ★★
    Duped domino
    Domino is very good on her own. I play her to max combos and use either the special 3 bleed and refresh or spam l2. If you have redhulk synergy she is better for heavy attacks. I do prefer this synergy, so good against annoying champs like medussa and modok. Even unawakened and no synergies she would still be worth an r5. I rarely play massacre synergy with her but it is a very nice bonus.

    P.s.Worth maxing deep wounds for her.
  • StrStr Posts: 434 ★★
    Duped domino
    P.p.s. i have her r4 sig 200 5*
    If i hadnt have needed corvus glaive r5 for aq and aw, i would have totally taken her up.
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