T4 Class Cat Arena

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I have been playing this game for over three years. In that time I have acquired exactly 5 T4 cats for use on 42 4 star champs and 3 5 star champs. Not one of my 42 4's is ranked higher than 4. As you can see...I am going nowhere. I do not want to BUY the cats...I do not want to join an alliance to get them! I would like to win them or earn them in an arena either for ranking or as an achievement, but ironically you can't get them unless you have got them. So now I am just frustrated and done! The T4 arena pool is straight up...****! (all of the cat arenas are!!!) You have a bump that says, "Join one of 600,000 alliances world wide..." If the average alliance membership was just 20, that is 12 million players. Out of 12,000,000 players 25 (?????????) get a T4 cat? And meanwhile you are shoving 5 stars down our throats? If I can't raise my 4 stars then having 5 stars is pointless...except for the outrageous amount of points they get for "rarity." But you really can't take advantage of that unless you can raise them...and I can't...So, sorry, but I am out! Done! I guess this is my suggestion...FIX IT!


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    Bye Felecia
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    Do you do the Crystal Clash arena that runs weekly? The 1.5M final milestone awards a Greater Ascendant crystal with a chance at a fully formed T4CC. It's a rare drop but I have received a few from that crystal over time. Also, they do offer fragment crystals for T4CC on the Master Level event quests. I know they don't form that fast but it is a start.

    I do feel your pain. There are times when I do not like the system that forces us into Alliances to upgrade our champs past R4 for 4* or R3 for 5* champs. I think they could include the fragment crystals as milestones on the arenas as a compromise.

    Happy Hunting!
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    T4 Class Cat? That is holding me...

    For the generic one I always do the 2-day mission (for now I'm able to do 2 out of 3 paths).
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    Find a better alliance...Do Map 5....Get T4 Class Cats....
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    I am not in an alliance and don't care to be. But according to immortal I am a **** for not joining and playing with a great bunch of guys like him!
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    I hear you about the Crystal clash...but straight up...tired of building things by pieces and shards....
  • I have mixed feelings about this, but joining or not joining an alliance is a personal decision.

    Quick correction, 300 alliances get a fully formed T4CC. the next bracket receives 90% of a t4cc, albeit from fragments, and it decreases from there. I do believe alliances are an integral part of the game. Is it possible to play without an alliance? absolutely. But it significantly slows down progression, as you've pointed out. Even the most laid back, empty alliances can give a slight increase at a chance of t4cc between milestone crystals and even lower map crystals. I forget which ones exactly, but you don't HAVE to be high tiered to receive them. They've also made it possible to do map 1 over and over and manage to put together glory specifically for t4cc frags. Thats my viewpoint.

    I won't reiterate the crystal clash point, but I agree with it, there's at least a small chance. I have to be honest, I am very surprised you've only put together 5 T4cc from not being in an alliance. They've increased the reward in events, rifts had a chance, RR scrap had a chance, Act 4 has several, Act 5 has some. I do think the T4CC arena could use a rework though. Don't make T4cc a milestone - yet - but maybe make the last milestone a greater ascendant crystal where the rewards are guaranteed basic or class fragments. I've received alphas and iso too many times.
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    I totally agree with the Arena point. I'd like to see the milestones raised but it guarantees a fully formed t4cc crystal. Hell, I'd be happy if they did it only once a month.
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    You are right there are opportunities to get pieces and parts...I have sold a ton of t3s to finish a couple of them. I have nearly all class of t4 "almost" done. But one complete t4 from every class doesn't do me any good. And straight up I understand the odds. I will grind for sure thing...not "grind to this amount" and "maybe" (but not very likely) you will get something of value" .Like I said up top...burned out grinding for fractions of a whole...it has just become a big hole...42 champs times 3...in pieces and parts...and I got the chance from RR and the others and there is the problem...busting hump for a "Chance." Well I have, came up short too many times. Now I am done.
  • I don't mean to put down your decision, I'm genuinely curious why you would rather give up the game than do some alliance events
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    And it trickles down...if I can't get the t4s then why bother to add more 4s? Or 5s? So my enthusiasm for playing for new champs is gone.
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    You wanna know why? because I was the battle group leader in a damn good alliance when the alliance quests began. Then one day I was faced with the group failing to complete the mission or using every last unit I had (Kabam estimated value 99 bucks) to buy revives and restores because I was the last hope before the clock stopped. I beat the boss...without a single unit left for the next time and nothing of any value to show for having taken him down So I said..."I'm out"
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    when it was all said and done it wasn't "Hurrah! We were victorious and got this great reward!" It was, "damn! I just spent 99 dollars worth of goods and got bupkiss! And the next time we may need 99 bucks worth of goods to finish and I ain't buying em!""
  • I mean that makes sense, but that's why I left an alliance when I outgrew them. I can sympathize with that situation, but I just went to an alliance where I found myself middle of the pack. Not required to boss kill, not required to spend if my skill can carry me. It's possible to say I'm not spending and deal with the consequences of losing. Even the rewards for losing are more than what you're getting now.
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    that is the point...like being bullied to be "one of the group"
  • It's not really bullying. I see it as a core function of the game. We're entitled to our own opinions though. For every player's sake though, I hope they make T4cc more common without the assistance of an alliance. Aka increased rewards for events, rework the arena, etc.
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    Immortal wrote: »
    Bye Felecia

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    The alliance you are a part of certainly makes a difference...I am part of a 11M rating alliance and I dont spend money. Spending money is a personal choice, and for you to get frustrated for spending, you really can only blame yourself. You probably should have left that alliance, but by not joining another you are only hurting your own progress. You gave up alliance participation over 29 players? There are hundreds of thousands of other players. Find an alliance, build your team, move up. If that is something you are not interested in, then you probably should give up the game.
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    @Rap Forgot to add that if you have been playing for over 3 years then you must have played by yourself for a long time and were likely a developer of the game or original beta tester...the game has only been out for 2 and a half years.
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    Nope not a beta tester but I started pretty close to launch so 2 and half then if we need to be exact and I was with our Alliance when it was chosen one of the Beta test Alliances for the launch of the Alliance quests. It was after the official launch that I had to drop 99 bucks worth of units. And yes I have been playing alone for a very long time. Not interested in associating with team members like immortal and redneck. Who like trolling and being dxxks because they have little constructive to add to discussions.
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    Hulk and blackbolt were the first Champs i won in the arenas and they both came out early so...no Alliance quest no act 4. No Alliance Wars.
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    I agree with the OP.

    The way I see it is that Alliances are created to earn the rewards to be able to compete in higher tier/map battles. By allowing solo players to earn rewards (even at a slower rate) no one is disadvantaged since a solo player is not likely to join an upper tier or high map alliance and if they do, the alliance obviously benefits.

    There is no need to stifle progress for those who are not competing.

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    Lmfao. You've been playing for over 3 years.
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    Sorry bud, but the best way to get T4cc is by being in an alliance. You find one that doesn't suit you, then find another one. AQ crystals, especially map 5, are a good source of T4cc fragments. It adds up, and not only that, but you also get glory which you can use to purchase glory crystals.

    BUT, I can agree that the T4cc arena has outdated rank pools and rewards, especially with the current player base which is definitely much much larger than what it was before. I actually talked about it before, but I'm not sure if they are ever going to change it. So as mentioned before, best way is to join an alliance you can work well with, and you will progress to those T4cc.
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    I can, and have ranked in both the 3 and 4 star arenas. I am not without skills after all this time{ which seems to be the implication from a few of you) but I am no slouch. However, there is a silent persecution of those who choose not to put themselves in the situation of being pressured to drop money for supplies. Ask in any top alliance and you will find at least one person who spends real money to complete the arenas or wars because they feel pressured by a group of overly competitive jack-weeds like immortal and redneck. And that is exactly what Kabam hopes for. And over the years my 4's have pounded your 5's in duels over and over again so...this isn't about my capabilities, this is about a flat out denial of real opportunities to obtain certain things without the benefit of an alliance.Things necessary to advance. A alliance should provide bonus' and they do, Glory and Alliance crystals...and truthfully if I had a few 5/50 I might rejoin an Alliance. But at this point I would probably only appeal to an alliance I would end up carrying like I did in the very beginning. Like the guy who is way too qualified for the job he is offered.

    So funny about the title...a title? Really? And I imagine you guys are among the first in line wanting "rank downs" and "compensation." Complaining about the faults of the champs you use. Well I got no complaints about my champs, they win...always...but I am done with grinding for pieces and parts of crystals that disappoint when opened in events and arenas won by guys who are botting or sharing...even if kabam gave everyone in the game a full random t4cc crystal every month it would impact or diminish the game in any way.Those out ahead would remain just as far ahead but those at the back and middle would at least have the false impression we were catching up somehow. Straight up it is about the money. Non Alliance members are less likely to spend..."So screw em!"
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    And far as those titles...I have em bro...I use the one I like best and that suits me best...not running around as the "Pink Assassin!" or a title that doesn't even fit in the profile box, but if that floats your boat good for you! I am and have remained the one that suits me best..."Avenger on Call"...so kabam? Call me when you get this right...(I won't hold my breath!)
  • Unfortunately, you're a minority. People called for more t4cc, they added them... to alliance based events... I really hope they add more, but theres not a whole lot of incentive
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    If you did the T3CC Daily Class Cats Events, and got 1 T3C everyday, you would have formed a T4CC of each class by now.

    There are SOOOO many avenues for T4CC, e.g. Act 4, RtL, Monthly Master Quests, available. Just complete them and you're definitely going to get a 5/50. Heck, before Act 4 was nerfed, everyone was doing it with 4/40s. RtL as well.

    It seems to me that you are just not ready to put in the effort needed to get your champs ranked up. Goodbye.
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