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  • The_Boss9The_Boss9 Posts: 1,390 ★★★

    Beardo 5*, already R4

    Nice, I'm jelous
  • HuntspyjHuntspyj Posts: 78
    4* Emma Frost
  • PantherAPPantherAP Posts: 34
    Just got a random Conqueror Premium Hero Crystal, spun it open, tapped the screen, and didn't even bother to look at the result for a moment... Only to find that I actually pulled a 4* Spider Gwen, my first 4* from a PHC in over a year!
  • 5 Star Sabertooth
  • RapRap Posts: 2,986 ★★★★
    I don't neccessarily think he is my best pull but others maybe would. I pulled a 5 star GR. Now all i need to do is dupe him, get spider (stark) and Blade and dupe them and then i will have three of my best 4s as 5s...i do have massacre, mondo, yondu, and Dr. Voodoo i guess decient champs, all unawakened...problem is all the 4 stars are awakened deep...50, 60 plus sigs...so yeah! Hurray! I got a locked ghost rider now i just gotta wade through 130 more and hope i get the other two and dupes...yippy! Got fun ahead for sure! (Sarcasm for sure!)
  • HuntspyjHuntspyj Posts: 78
  • HuntspyjHuntspyj Posts: 78
  • HuntspyjHuntspyj Posts: 78
    Wow I am not that good. No 5*s yet. I need 2700 more shards to get my first
  • MrgrifoMrgrifo Posts: 16
    Back to back 5* pulls
  • HuntspyjHuntspyj Posts: 78
    Yea wow
  • HuntspyjHuntspyj Posts: 78
    Any more? This can’t be all
  • Darkstar4387Darkstar4387 Posts: 2,145 ★★★
    4* domino
    5* venom

  • HuntspyjHuntspyj Posts: 78
    I love Venom. That makes me sad. In the Ultimate SpiderVerse Crystal, I got a 2* Agent Venom. Not good, but my favorite Marvel Character. I use him as my profile pic, but I just wish to get a 4* Agent Venom, which is not rare, I have passed over 1 so many times.
  • HuntspyjHuntspyj Posts: 78
    yeah wow, that is definitely a good pull, not because they are good, but because they come out of a phc
  • Savio444Savio444 Posts: 1,781 ★★★★
    Huntspyj said:

    yeah wow, that is definitely a good pull, not because they are good, but because they come out of a phc

    Yeah, I’ve opened 20 at a time in the past all 2* or 1 3*.
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