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Champion Rework Concepts

BahamutBahamut Posts: 2,307 ★★★★
Each Armor Up buff reduces the effects of DoT debuffs and passives by 10%
While Colossus has 3 or more Armor Ups, he’s immune to stun.
When Colossus uses a special attack, he gains a Fury buff increasing his attack by 10% per Armor Up for 9 seconds.
Armor Break immunity.

Spider-Man (Miles)
Spider-Sense charges increase critical chance and damage.
As soon as his opponent uses a special attack, Miles camouflages himself, and incoming attacks have a 30% chance to miss (doubled against projectiles).
Venom Blast has a chance to trigger on critical hits instead of special attacks.

Some sort of unique synergy with Scarlet Witch.
Metal projectiles (guns, thrown knives, etc.) have a 100% chance to miss.
Attack is increased against #Metal champions.

Iron Patriot
Some sort of unique synergy with Symbiote Spider-Man and/or Sentry.
Arc Overload doesn’t reduce his ability accuracy.
Armor Up reduces incoming Incinerate, Coldsnap, and Bleed damage by 25% per Armor buff.

Agent Venom
While Klyntar Rage is active, attacks have a chance to cause bleed. Against bleed immune opponents, he gets fury.

Black Panther
If Black Panther’s opponent has Armor Up, he deals 10% of his attack as direct damage.
Bleed immunity.

Black Panther (Civil War)
L2 can cause bleed.
Bleed reduces ability accuracy.
Bleed immunity.

He gains a permanent Armor Up whenever he loses 20% of his HP.
Armor Up reduces duration of debuffs on Hulkbuster.
Heavy attacks refresh Armor Break.
Armor Break lasts longer and is more effective.
Bleed resistance.

Iron Man
Arc overload triggers twice (once at 60%). After it’s triggered twice he can’t gain more Armor Up buffs, but he gets a permanent passive Fury.
Resistance to Bleed and critical hits.
Iron Man begins the fight with a passive J.A.R.V.I.S. effect. While J.A.R.V.I.S. is active, Iron Man is immune to ability accuracy reduction, he has a higher chance at critical hits, and crits cause Armor Break. J.A.R.V.I.S. goes down for 15 seconds if he’s struck with a special attack, and permanently if Iron Man triggers both Overloads.

L1 and 2 rotate between Bleed, Shock, Poison, and Armor Break in addition to Power Drain and Hemorrhage. It an be changed manually by dashing back and holding block for 2 seconds.

If Ant-Man’s opponent is affected by 5 Fatigue debuffs and he uses a heavy attack, the Fatigues are converted into a passive Vertigo effect. Opponents affected by Vertigo have a 20% chance to miss, and take 40% more damage.

Deadpool X-Force
Stackable Bleed.
Specials cause Taunt.
Instead of a burst of power gain, Deadpool gets 50% more power for the rest of the fight.

Attacks have a chance to cause Fury.
Specials cause Armor Break.
Rhino gains a passive Fury while under the effects of a debuff.


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