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Explored Uncollected EQ and Opened a 5-Star and a 6-Star

Well... mixed feelings about my recent opening :lol:

5-Star Crystal gave me a 5* Domino who I instantly ranked up to 4/55, one T2A away from Rank 5.
6-Star Crystal gave me a 6* Miles Morales. I havent even leveled him up yet, haha.

My other 6-Stars are: Deadpool X-Force, Storm, Sentry, Wasp and now Miles Morales, my third science 6*.

Really happy about the Domino, as I said she is 4/55 now and I used a mutant awakening gem on her!
What do you guys think about those 6*s? Any hope for an upgrade anytime soon :lol: ?


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    LaserjungeLaserjunge Posts: 33
    Congratulations to your Domino. I also got one just a week ago and I was suuuper happy and danced for minutes. mD
    I could also duped her immediately, but dont have the gold to bring her higher than 2/35 :neutral: —> GOLD REALMS PLEEEASE!

    Anyhow, lucky you to also have 6* Wasp in stock. Maybe your luck keeps up and it drops a 5* Ghost. Then you have a balsy round.
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    CazathuulCazathuul Posts: 57
    Once you learn the timing for the heavy in a combo attack, Wasp just destroys so much stuff. Since she has guaranteed critical hits on shrinky attacks (heavy attacks, specials), she is a great option for effects/abilities that heavily mitigate physical damage (beefy Sentinel matches, resistor tile effects). Only drawbacks are very low block proficiency and low health pool so choose your matches appropriately!

    Here is a video of Wasp easily disassembling uncollected Annihilus:
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    Evil_Monkey88Evil_Monkey88 Posts: 125
    Waste of awakening gem tbh, you'll be crying if you get an omega red. Domino works unduped too.
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