Can’t activate Human Torch’s pre-fight ability in AQ

Device: iPhone X

Device Operating System: iOS 12.2
Mobile Carrier: Verizon

Cellular or WiFi: WiFi
Game version: 22.2.1

Game Mode: Alliance Quest
Champions Affected: 4* human torch 5/50 sig 99
Active Boosts: None
Description of the Issue: Trying to activate human torch’s Pre-fight ability. I kept pushing the button but it would never activate. It acted like it was registering the touch but would never actually activate. I entered fight to see if it was activating but not looking like it, but it wasn’t activating. I can get to the pre-fight abilities window, but the activate button there is what is not accepting input like normal. It works fine in all other game modes that from what I can tell (haven’t tried war).

Screenshot or Video: I have a video if anyone can tell me how to provide it (seems like I can only attach photos or non-video files here).


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