Still bugs

I’m sure it’s been mentioned. Sp3 is still broken with that dash right into the enemy attacks and cost a few of our alliance members deaths at minibosses in AQ this week cause it’s basically instant death when your opponents have 10k+ attack. Also sentinel is still not punishable on Sp1. Truly hope it can get fixed soon.



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    I might have a solution for you but it will be a rather annoying one.
    Before activating sp3, parry the opponent. Make sure your stun is long, so Rouge, Crossbones, etc wont always work.
    Activate Sp3
    When the animation is over, they should still be stunned. This will (hopefully) safe you from unnecessary/unavoidable damage and can get you a new combo.
  • This is very well a known issue that already has a thread open on it. Creating another thread just to state that it is still a problem only causes to clutter our forums. That open thread is here.

    We also have a Known Issue thread that mentions there will be a fix for this in a future update. You can find that here.
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