Characters dashing in automatically after throwing a Sp3 [Merged Threads]



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    Any update of a fix or fix date?
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    As mentioned earlier by other players, MR. Sinister's Sp3 is broken and we can NO LONGER play him the way that was suggested in the developer's notes.

    Here's how it used to play:

    And... this is how it's playing now.

    There is also a frame jump when I hit the Sp2 and dash forward to hold the heavy while they are stunned. Once the frame jumps, Sinister automatically throws a medium attack instead of holding heavy.
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    Was fighting AW boss Medusa with my KM and thought I was about to do some great damage (it was my strategy) and it happened to me as well. Got pretty pissed.
  • Why aren’t we getting updates on the progress of these bug fixes? Kabam promised more communication and transparency. Was that all lip service?
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    And now it is AQ?
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    Blocks are being ignored at the very beginning of a fight and when defenders are dashing in. However I’ve noticed it work both ways when dashing in to the defender.

    I thought it was just me at first until hearing others who are having this same issue.
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    Why did my discussion get merged into an unrelated thread?

    Unresponsive game controls when attempting to block or actually holding down block when being attacked has nothing to do with firing off special attacks.

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    I just used an indestructible boost versus domino on node 30 in AW. Took the sp3 with the boost active then after the animation my character (Corvus) didn’t move at all... I initially tried to block then dash but he just stood there. Domino then had time to block the deliver a full combo and I died.

    The issue is random, I’ve tried testing to see if it’s connected to the last action you did before activating sp3 but it doesn’t seem to be.
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    Pay attention at 40 seconds into the video. In the fight, I am using Hyperion against Luke Cage in AQ...this is getting old Kabam (couldn't post the video in the original format recorded on my iPhone so I added the link from Reddit).
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    This has happened to me also

    Why did my discussion get merged into an unrelated thread?

    Unresponsive game controls when attempting to block or actually holding down block when being attacked has nothing to do with firing off special attacks.

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    So fix? date? what is taking so long?
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    Mods, update please! This is still happening and it’s causing people to lose fights. Fix it already!
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    There is a bug where darkhawk, after activating his sp3 would immediately dash into the opponent, by itself. At first i thought i accidentally did it but it’s happened quite a few times now.

    I don’t think i’ve seen this been mentioned before, so yeah.
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    Any update on when this bug will be fixed? Doesn't seem to be in the next update (23.0) or the bug fix update (23.0.1) immediately following it.

    Before 22.0 we were able to hold block during an SP3 animation in order to be blocking immediately after it ends. This is an important mechanic of the fight system and should be restored along with the fix for champions throwing attacks on their own after the animation is finished.
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    Post a video?

    Yeah! Post a Video. Because you have nothing better to do than Make something up about a game. (Sarcasm)
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    Xero said:

    Come on people. Money talks in all these game issues. If they don't profit from all these issues they should've fixed it long time ago.

    I was using Ghost Rider against Carnage on AQ map4 and started the fight with an Armor break! Lol!! It's gone from Frustrating, to laughable, to pathetic and back to frustrating again! We must be gluttons for abuse.

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    Draenath said:

    And now it is AQ?

    More than that. I've had screens switched today. I swear on my character as a Man and Father.
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    How is this not fixed yet?!
  • Wondering if this problem (automatically dashing in after they complete an SP3) is also related to why HYPERION could be taking Glancing Reflect damage and dying after his SP3 sometimes. Maybe the auto-dashing in afterwards means that somehow the game is thinking the SP3 is still part of the Medium Attack ?? (related to other threads).
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    So I was fighting NC in War. I was doing great put pushed him into a S3. Iceman took it well cause of the ice armor., but when the S3 ended I was pushing down to block and he just went right through me and got a 5 hit combo. I thought I had noticed this happen before but wasn’t sure. I’m very sure on this one. Anyone else experience this cause it made me lose half my freaking health!
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    Example of this is when I use Mister Sinister and I parry - then hold the heavy to pause the stun and then strike, hit an sp3 and let the animation run its course.

    At the end of the animation I attempt to hold down heavy to continue the stun pause but instead Sinister dashes into the defender and gets hit.

    The mechanic used to work, I submitted tickets with video but this persists after the update.

    What should I do? Submit another ticket?
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    Same issue, got wrecked so many times thanks to this bug
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    why wasnt this fixed?
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    Is it possible to leave a video? I have the example of this.
  • FluffyPigMonsterFluffyPigMonster Posts: 2,069 ★★★★★

    This issue will have a fix coming in soon for it. We're sorry for the wait on it but appreciate all y'all's patience!

    Thank you. The most recent update (yesterday) did not address this but we appreciate the assurance that it’s on the way

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    ??? When will this be fixed?
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    Funny they released a Patch on the 17th and said this was being fixed and it's still happening, Today against the last Boss Thanos his last mode, I did my Sp3 with Hyperion and he dashed in after, causing me to lose the fight.
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    @Kabam Vydious could you update the list of known issues? This and some others were left off the 23.0 announcement, knowing it would be in 23.0.1, which itself is odd. (Wait for it to be fixed)

    There seem to be a lot of known issues that were supposed to be fixed, that are not represented properly in that thread.
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