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Vote for Iron Patriot

Austin555555Austin555555 Posts: 2,971 ★★★★★

Vote for my boi


  • Cruz_EmpireCruz_Empire Posts: 10
    Yessss! I voted for him
  • NojokejaymNojokejaym Posts: 3,799 ★★★★★
    I vote him
  • Xyz123Xyz123 Posts: 61
    I have a duper ip, so YES
  • Xyz123Xyz123 Posts: 61
  • Mr_EMr_E Posts: 129
    It's a toss up between Colossus and Ip... I have a duped 5 star ip but I have a 99sig Colossus too so I don't know yet
  • HdrvHdrv Posts: 59
    Look for my poll regarding this....
    #make colossus good
  • DrZolaDrZola Posts: 5,891 ★★★★★
    So here’s how the IP/Colossus debate goes for me:

    As much as Colossus needs it, IP is probably the best call. IP has been the worst of the lot through so many iterations, and he really shouldn’t be—he’s Norman Osborn, after all, one of the biggest badasses in the Marvel Universe.

    How does a guy with Norman's genius and Stark’s tech stink so bad in game? Doesn’t tech need another decent champ in game?

    As much as I like Piotr, Colossus has pretty much always been a tag-along in X-Men comics, at least until he donned the helmet of Cytorrak. If the Colossus changes get shared with Unstoppable Colossus, I might get more on board. But all in all, Piotr is a pacifist, a poet, and an all-around likeable guy. He’s pretty good in comics and although pretty bad in game, the disparity isn’t that far off.

    Norman, though...Norman’s an insane genius homicidal psychopath. With killer tech. That should make him way more formidable in this game.

    So I would vote IP if I had to choose.

    Dr. Zola
  • FreeToPlay_21FreeToPlay_21 Posts: 1,594 ★★★★

  • Vote for the patriot of united states as he have the same abilities as iron man and superior iron man except 3 rd special but he should be buffed or attacks should be changed . Any how colossus have a good defensive power why should we vote that metal man we will vote the patriot
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