Best 5* to Awaken by Class - Mutant

DalBotDalBot Posts: 1,252 ★★★★
Tell us what Mutant champs you think are best for awakening. Rank them in order and tell if you think they are class or generic worthy.

1 - Archangel (Generic)
2 - Omega Red (Generic)
3 - Sabretooth (Generic)
4 - Iceman (Class)
5 - Emma (class if you want on defense)


  • SpiritOfVengeanceSpiritOfVengeance Posts: 2,353 ★★★★
    Arch needs generic obvious reasons

    I have a duped emma and use for attack. Useful to be immune to a lot of debuffs like shock or incinerate. When that diamond form is gone and you build up those prowess your sp2 hits like a tank. Heavies help to slow down power by a lot when in diamond.

    Iceman awakened would help but not desperately needed to be awakened

    Dunno anythin about omega and sabretooth
  • mAleksandarmAleksandar Posts: 72
    I used mine on Domino... Other two choices were oml and colossus...
  • DalBotDalBot Posts: 1,252 ★★★★
    I used mine on Domino... Other two choices were oml and colossus...

    Yeah that’s a pretty easy choice among those three. Makes her an amazing defender.
  • DalBotDalBot Posts: 1,252 ★★★★

    Dunno anythin about omega and sabretooth

    Omega becomes so violent with the death spores once awakened just destroying opponents. Sabres regens can save your arse in a lot of situations
  • KattohSKattohS Posts: 580 ★★
    I’m holding onto mines.

    I have x23 but will wait for next best mutant pull.
  • zeezee57zeezee57 Posts: 2,335 ★★★★★
    I agree the top two are definitely AA and Omega and both are generic worthy, and also the only mutants I'd use generic on. Next I'd say Emma, Ice and Domino for mutant gem.
  • JC2018JC2018 Posts: 9
    I would include Wolverine in the mix, at least for quests, because his bumped up regen from being awakened can be very valuable in saving resources.
  • BrudixTreeBrudixTree Posts: 801 ★★
    I dont agree with whats said about Sabretooth, i have mine at signature Level 66 :naughty: and he regens only 24 hpp per seconds, if you have been hitten 9 times. So ist of any usage. Completly Forget about that regen and never ever use a Gem on this champ, he is absolutly insane without!!!
    I had 2 5* Mutant AG. I pulled Omega and Sabretooth, used one on Omega but not the other one on Sabretooth.

    I don't have have AA, Iceman, Domino or Emma as 5*. Saving the other AG for one of these, probably.
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